Switch from Zendesk to HappyFox and
save as much as $10,000 annually.

Migrate effortlessly from Zendesk.

A help desk software bloated with features doesn’t necessarily mean it would miraculously solve all your support problems, especially when it burns your pocket with all those indirect costs wrapped like an enigma.

HappyFox vs Zendesk

HappyFox is a feature-rich help desk software that comes at an unbeatable price. Try this Zendesk alternative that offers more for less. With 10 support agents, you can save upto $800/month or $11800 annually using HappyFox, a worthy alternative to Zendesk.

HappyFox Help Desk - Key benefits our customers enjoy
  • Save up to 33 % on your help desk expenses.
  • Free 24X7 support.
  • Highly intuitive support interface, No re-training required.
  • No data lock up.
  • Productive features like robust Smart Rules, merge tickets and adding subscribers
Zendesk to HappyFox migration is simple

How long would it take me?

Zendesk to HappyFox migration is simple. The overall duration majorly depends on the number of tickets that you have in your Zendesk account.

Few Clicks for migration

Is it a messy task?

It takes a couple of clicks to install the import tool in one of your Windows PC. Once, installed, gear up the Import tool and type in your Zendesk Credentials and HappyFox API keys and leave the rest to the tool. The tool will import all the major entities from Zendesk like Contacts, Tickets, Attachments etc.

The staff accounts, custom fields have to be created in HappyFox before starting the import. The import tool will always do a sanity check before starting the actual import to ensure that you have created the required fields and warn you with the specifics of what you missed out.


Would you provide support while migration process?

Yes, of course. The migration is already mighty simple, but in case you need support, we are happy to help you out.

Secure data

Would my data be safe and secure during migration?

While importing contacts, we use HappyFox API which is SSL enabled. There is no local storage of the data during the import. The contact/ticket is read from Zendesk and directly pushed into HappyFox.

Further, we ensure that your Zendesk data is not touched or affected by always accessing Zendesk data in a read-only mode.

No data loss

What if anything goes wrong? Do you have contingency plans?

As mentioned above, we don’t touch Zendesk data. Let’s say, you wanted to abort the import for some reason, you can continue to use your Zendesk data. You can also restart the update after a few minutes or whenever you feel comfortable, without any data loss at your Zendesk end.