Help Desk Ticket features that make your
Customer Support simpler

Features that help make your support work a breeze, one ticket a time.

HappyFox help desk has been helping hundreds of customers deliver the best support experience to their customers and staff by providing them a whole array of intuitive features. Here is a quick look at what HappyFox offers in terms of help desk ticketing features.

Help desk ticket features that makes your customer support process more efficient

Categorize, Change Priority, Status & Due Date HappyFox converts any communication received via email, live-chat or phone into actionable tickets. You can set due dates, categorize these tickets under the default categories or create your custom categories. Custom priorities and statuses can also be created for these tickets based on your requirements. Go ahead and create a custom priority called ‘High-value customer’ to expedite a ticket resolution or a custom status called ‘Manager’s approval’ for you to identify tickets faster.

Forward, Print, Clone or Merge Tickets HappyFox support ticket features let you forward all the details of the ticket including all the replies to a specific email ID. If you wish to notify a third party or a customer about the complete activity, you can forward all the details with the click of a button. If you wish to create a ticket that is similar to another, you can just clone it. You can even merge a ticket with another related ticket. If you need details on paper, you can print the ticket along with all its replies from one single button.

HappyFox lets you forward support tickets to any one who can help you solve the issue
Merge related ticket to avoid confusion and duplication

Add Subscriber, Time Spent, and Tags In case you intend to notify a specific person about all ticket activity, you can just add them as a subscriber. They do not have to log in and view ticket each time as HappyFox will automatically email all updates to them. You can now automatically log the time spent on each ticket and invoice your customers for the same. Support staff can use the simple yet powerful tag management system that helps you search for relevant support queries with ease.

HappyFox help desk allows you to add subscribers, tags and time spent for tracking and analysing support process
collaborate with other support agents to resolve tickets through private note

Collaborate Internally In the event of a support staff requiring assistance from another internal employee, for instance, a development specialist, the support staff can just add a note inside the ticket requesting for assistance, without the notification going to the customer/subscriber. With these Private Notes, you can improve internal collaboration without having to include your customer, which in turn also speeds up the resolution process.

Agent Collision

Agent Collision Ever had a situation where two different support staff replied to the customer for the same issue? Eliminate such problems with the Agent Collision feature. If a support staff has just responded, HappyFox will pop up a warning to all other support staff trying to reply to the same ticket activity.

Custom Ticket Fields Apart from custom statuses, priorities and categories, HappyFox also allows custom fields. For example, if you are a mobile phone service company, you can add the make or the model number of the phone as a custom field. By doing so, customers submitting tickets will include these as a separate field for you to reference them easily.
These custom fields also help with adding Smart Rules. With Smart rules, you can create a help desk workflow based on specific conditions. For example, you can set a rule that if the Model number is 1234, it should be assigned to this specific staff member. Automation saves you time, effort and cost.

Now add custom ticket fields on ticket for gathering more support related information
Resolve commonly asked support queries using canned actions on your support tickets

Notifications, Canned actions and Round Robin Assignment HappyFox has custom email notifications for all ticket activity both for staff and employees. Create email templates for all your mails and automate them. HappyFox support ticket features include custom answer templates. When you receive repetitive tickets, you can send these templated responses to customers and save time spent on manually typing them. With Round Robin Assignment, you can automate ticket assignment to your support staff, so that an admin does not have to manually sit and assign each ticket on arrival.

Ticket Life-cycle Reports for Complete Insights HappyFox allows you to get a detailed ticket life-cycle report for you to track the complete history of every ticket. The report considers your work schedule to calculate the time each ticket has been in a specific status for you to get the full overview of tickets. You can even schedule these reports to reach your inbox regularly depending on a pre-set frequency.

With these Help desk Ticket features, you can

Improve internal collaboration
Improve internal collaboration
Speed up the ticket resolution process
Speed up the ticket resolution process
Increase transparency of communication to the customer
Increase transparency of communication
to the customer
Show better results with better workflow management
Show better results with better workflow management
Automate tasks to save time and cost
Automate tasks to save time and cost

We can now offer better systems than larger companies (my competition) can offer

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