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Cluttering, complicated searches, poor track of emails, under-utilization of help desk agents - If these are some of the problems you are facing while trying to manage your customer support emails from one Gmail inbox or your office mailbox, then we have the best solution for you.

HappyFox Customer Service Ticket Tracking Software creates tickets from
various incoming channels like mail, voice and chat into one common
help desk system for you to address them.

We were impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the HappyFox user interface, as well as the ease of management

Yousuf Khan

Sort your tickets based on custom categoriesThe problem with your inbox is that you could possibly create folders, but you will still find it difficult to sort every email in a folder. With HappyFox, you can create custom categories for all your tickets, group each email in the respective category and address them at will. Save time spent on looking for tickets in a cluttered mailbox and improve your productivity. Assign tickets automaticallyWith HappyFox Round Robin Assignment feature, your incoming tickets will be automatically assigned to the correct staff on a periodic cycle to ensure no staff is overloaded and no ticket is left unassigned. Alleviate your assignment worries with HappyFox Ticket Tracking Software Custom Statuses for your ticketsHappyFox also lets you create custom statuses for your tickets. If you have a lot of tickets pending for admin approval, create a status saying ‘Admin approval’ so that those tickets will no longer need your attention and will also be easy to find in your ticket queue. Custom notifications for
every activity
Tracking each incoming ticket, replying manually can get tedious and quite boring too. Create email templates in HappyFox so that you can automate these replies to your customers. Build notification templates for ticket assignment, resolution and replies so that you will never have the need for typing reply emails to any customer.
SLA Management and Ticket tracking featuresCustomer support comes with metrics. HappyFox has a robust SLA management feature where you can set SLAs for first response time, assignment time, contact response time, staff reply time and ticket resolution. Thus, you can make sure that at no level is the ticket delayed. There is also a red dot displayed next to every ticket to show that a ticket is unresponded and that it needs action. Advanced Search and
Saved Searches
HappyFox makes your mailbox look like a tool from the distant past. With a powerful advanced search feature, you can search for tickets based on any parameter like Customer name, Assignee, Due date etc and immediately find the required ticket. In fact, you can even save these searches for future querying purposes. Ticket re-assignment, automated with the help of Smart RulesHappyFox has a Smart Rules feature that lets you automate ticket re-assignment based on preset parameters. When a ticket is nearing SLA expiry or if there have been too many back and forth discussions, you can create rules for such tickets to be automatically re-assigned to a senior staff. You can avoid any delays while simultaneously removing the need for manual intervention and tracking.

Use HappyFox Ticket tracking software to give that competitive edge to your customer support

Lesser time spent and reduced manual intervention
Lesser time spent and reduced manual intervention
Increased control over your complete support process
Increased control over your complete support process
Robust search features for better clarity
Robust search features for better clarity
Confusion-free intuitive interface
Confusion-free intuitive interface

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