Case Management Solution

Enhanced Support Workflows with Unified Case Management

Help Desk’s case management solution delivers features that can track, organize, assign, and resolve cases in an orderly and timely manner.

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Enhanced Support Workflows with Unified Case Management

Why Does Your Business Need A Case
Management Solution?

Case management software is a tool that is designed to manage complex support workflows like employee onboarding, legal claims, and complaint resolutions that require both human effort and intelligent automation. It supports items like issue collaboration, contact management, and storage of attachments that affect the end-to-end lifecycle of a case.

A typical mailbox cannot support the large volume of inflowing cases. We need a case management solution that can customize case arrangement, provide omnichannel support, aid self-service, and provide automation and real-time reporting capabilities.

Optimize Case Management With HappyFox Help Desk

Better control over customer management

Better control over customer management

Search and view cases with ease

Search and view cases with ease

Use reports to improve case resolution

Use reports to improve case resolution

Categorize and resolve cases systematically

Categorize and resolve cases systematically

Omnichannel ticketing system

Perform personalized case management for tickets from multiple channels like email, social, API, forms, chat & phone.

Organized Ticket Dashboard

Automatically sort cases into custom categories like support, billing, sales, etc., and tag them on the basis of priority, status, and assignee.

Embedded case submission form

Make it easy for customers to submit cases directly from your website instead of typing out emails.

Customize support with contact details

Make it easy to prioritize personalized customer care and better manage cases with readily available details about your customer.

Internal collaboration

Collaborate internally when replying to emails to save time and provide better support. Notify and rope in other team members for a quick discussion to gain clarity by leaving them a Private Note on the ticket.

Mass reply and mail linking

Quickly select related tickets and apply bulk actions like adding replies, changing ticket status, assignee, and due dates. You can also merge, split, relate, and forward multiple tickets at once.

Deflect Cases, Automate Tasks, Analyze Data

Encourage self-service

Build a no-code, customizable, multi-lingual, and mobile responsive knowledge base with HappyFox and create a repository of KB articles and FAQs on it. You can deflect repetitive tickets by intelligent case deflection.

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Encourage self-service

Boost productivity with Automation

Boost agent productivity, save time, and ensure even work distribution with auto-assignment algorithms and bulk updating and closure of tickets. You can also set up process automation rules with conditional knowledge to solve complex case management support scenarios.

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Analyze data with real-time reporting

Validate your support operations by gathering and analyzing case inflow through various channels, agent activity, and high-performance metrics like FCR%, time to closure, and response rates. You can even create custom reports and drill down to a single ticket level.

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Analyze data with real-time reporting

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Streamline Business
Workflows with Integrations

  • Use flexible APIs to interface with external systems.
  • Create real-time bi-directional communication between integrated apps.
  • Double up as a bug-tracking system by linking help desk cases with Jira issues.
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Do More with a Mobile Help Desk

  • Create tickets, reply to tickets, leave private notes, and update ticket fields on the mobile app.
  • Save time and effort by replying to repetitive queries with canned action templates.
  • Get instant notifications about contacts, accounts, and the tickets you have subscribed to.
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Adopt HappyFox’s Effective & Scalable
Case Management System

Manage each component of a case and efficiently resolve issues with HappyFox Help Desk.