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What is Case Management Software? Why do you need one?

Case management software is a tool designed to support a complex workflow that requires a combination of human efforts and intelligent automation. These workflows include employee onboarding, a legal claim, complaint resolution, or an asset that requires approval. These software solutions support the workflow, contact management, issue collaboration, storage of attachments and media and other items that affect the end-to-end lifecycle of a case.

When handling customer cases, a typical mailbox will never suffice. With different types of cases flowing in continuously, you need a software that is able to customize the way these cases are arranged, so you can easily find them. Furthermore, you need multi-channel customer case management so that cases coming via any channel get handled efficiently. HappyFox case management help desk brings in cases from voice, mail, and live-chat into one common ticketing system.

Track and Categorize Cases from Multiple Channels

  • HappyFox provides an embedded case submission form that allows cases to be submitted directly from your website.
  • Get cases from multiple channels - Email, Phone, API, Ticket Forms, Live Chat, Social Media, etc.
  • All incoming cases can be automatically sorted into categories like customer support, sales, marketing, and billing.

Handle cases with a robust ticketing system

  • Mass reply to similar cases, categorize them based on priority and add tags for easy reference.
  • Use the private note feature where your support staff can add notes that are confidential to your support team and won’t be visible to the customer.
  • Manage customer data with a comprehensive contact management solution.
Track IT Incidents and Outages with an Efficient Ticketing System

Create a Seamless Self-Service Experience

  • Create a repository of FAQs and Knowledge base articles for repetitive cases.
  • Build a beautiful, branded, Mobile Responsive Support Center using a no-code drag and drop builder.
  • Reduce your incoming case inflow through intelligent case deflection.

Assigning tickets to the appropriate users and departments helped funnel an otherwise unweildy ticket pile.

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Superboost Productivity through Automation

  • Auto-assign cases to the right agents through intelligent auto-assignment algorithms.
  • Set up process automation rules with conditional logic to solve complex case management support scenarios.
  • Give your agents the ability to bulk update and close multiple cases at once through mass actions.
Track IT Incidents and Outages with an Efficient Ticketing System

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

  • Monitor Case Inflow through various channels, Identify peak hours and tweak agent availability.
  • Report on high-level View high-level performance metrics like FCR % (First call resolution), Time to closure, Response times, etc. and drill down by case properties.
  • Boost your IT support team’s performance using Insights from the Agent Activity Report. Quantify Ticket Participation and identify top performers.

Benefits of using a case management system

Address customer cases on time, with ease and build better customer service

Better control over customer management

Easier searching and viewing of cases

Improve case resolution performance with the help of reports

Never let cases get accumulated and uncategorized

Streamline Business Workflows with Integrations

  • Interface with external systems, using flexible APIs.
  • Create real-time, bidirectional communication between applications.
  • Link cases with JIRA issues to double up as a bug tracking system.

Handle Cases Anywhere, Anytime

  • With one tap, you can create cases on your HappyFox Help Desk mobile app.
  • Respond to cases quickly with canned action templates.
  • Get instant notifications about contacts, accounts, and the cases you follow.
Track IT Incidents and Outages with an Efficient Ticketing System
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