Why automate your customer support processes?

Automated Help Desk
Reduce Costs

Automating your help desk can help reduce overall costs incurred per ticket by eliminating the need for manual actions.

Automated Help Desk
Increase Productivity

With automation at the helm, support agents can focus on things that matter - delivering superior customer support.

Automated Help Desk
Improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Prompt resolutions and fewer touchpoints lead to improved customer satisfaction scores.

Automated Help Desk
Standardize Processes

Industry best practices in support and audits can be carried out with ease with a powerful automation tool in place.

Automated Help Desk
Minimize Errors

Reduce the chances of human errors and provide accurate resolution.

Automated Help Desk
Faster Response Times

With automation doing all the gruntwork, customers experience an increase in First response time and First Contact Resolutions (FCR).

Automated Help Desk Software Built for Modern Teams

Automate Support Processes using Smart Rules

Define your own trigger conditions and automate everyday actions in your help desk! You can automate the entire workflows across modules in the service desk so no change or event is missed.

Smart Rules are always on the lookout for changes being made to tickets. When they come across one, they trigger actions immediately, if the prescribed conditions match. As a support agent, you'd never have to spend time performing manual, repetitive actions on tickets ever again.

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Automated Help Desk
Automated Help Desk

Maintain Support Standards through Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Improve productivity of your support team by automating escalations and ticket reassignment based on your SLA, number of responses, etc.

In case a ticket is nearing SLA or there are too many replies back and forth between support agents and end-users, create workflow automation for the ticket to be automatically escalated to your higher management for them to address.

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Without the smart rules, my job would have been a lot more difficult. I have 30-40 smart rules that sit there in the background doing what I asked them to do!

Tim Sherret, Sennheiser

Automated Help Desk

Intelligently Assign tickets to the Right Agents

Use a variety of Auto-Assignment algorithms to automatically assign incoming support tickets to the right agent. Use the smart round-robin method to automate ticket assignments to the staff pool evenly.

Eliminate the need for admin intervention. Alternatively, use the Auto Assignment based on Active agents, to assign tickets only to the agents who are currently active. With the load balancing algorithm, assign tickets automatically to balance your team’s workload effectively.

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Automated Help Desk
Automated Help Desk

Get Real-Time Ticket Updates through Notifications

Say, your support agent is busier than usual with a surge in customer requests.

With an automated help desk like HappyFox, your staff and admin stay informed in the meantime about other tickets created, customer replies to these tickets, agent assignment, and more, through Help Desk Notifications.

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Respond faster using Canned Responses (Macros)

Canned Actions allow you to perform ticket actions like changing status, priority, adding tags etc., in addition to adding a templated response.

Canned Actions can be shared or personal. You can create Canned Actions that reflect your communication style or have generic responses shared with other agents.

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Automated Help Desk

We have several online stores with different policies, canned templates are essential for our use.

James Chaves,
Customer Service Manager

Automated Help Desk

Simplify Ticket Creation through Templates

You can use Ticket Templates to pre-fill ticket properties including custom fields. Create tickets with fewer clicks.

You can create different ticket templates for different teams. Automatically fill required details for each team using ticket templates.

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Automated Help Desk
Automated Help Desk

Contextually Guide your agent through Agent Scripts

Agents Scripts assist agents in every step of troubleshooting and empower agents in your call center to troubleshoot issues with minimal agent training.

Boost your First Call Resolution (FCR) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score, by resolving support queries faster and in a reliable manner.

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Stay ahead of the curve with the HappyFox Advantage!

Automated Help Desk
No-code automation builder

Setting up Smart Rules is quick and easy. Use an Intuitive rule builder to build automation rules in minutes!

Automated Help Desk
Superior automation control

With the ability to use a combination of match all or match any logic conditions, you can set-up powerful rules to automate any complex use-case.

Automated Help Desk
Audit Trail for every action

Every ticket comes with an audit log to help you keep track of automated actions easily.

Automated Help Desk
Reports on Automation

Track your automation gains using the Smart Rules Help Desk Report.

Automated Help Desk
Automations spanning multiple products

With HappyFox Workflows, build cross-functional automation rules to implement better business processes.

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