HappyFox Help Desk – SMS Notifications

Provide extensive support by sending text messages from your tickets. Get a free number today.

HappyFox SMS

Send messages for a single ticket, or a list of tickets in one go!

Register phone numbers for free

Get a brand new number based on your Country, Region and Number preferences, with just a few clicks.

Register Phone Number

Create templates and use them later

Build and save your repetitive replies to customers, and use them while sending texts. Also, use these templates in bulk SMS and be productive.

Create Template

Preview your messages before they are sent Take a quick look at the messages before they are sent. See how the placeholder tags are replaced with the actual content.

Create Template

Centralized logs for all your sent messages One place in the app to see all the sent messages, with the status and the price of each message, along with quick links to the SMS note within the ticket.

Trigger automatic SMS through Smart Rules Use smart rules to send SMS to your clients based on predefined conditions. Using template tags makes you build and send contextual messages, based on the ticket content.

Trigger automatic SMS through Smart Rules

Auto-refill feature for uninterrupted messaging Never get interrupted due to inadequate balance while messaging. Set up an auto-refill for your account to do hassle-free refilling automatically.

Auto-refill feature