HappyFox Agent Scripting - Boost Efficiency and Productivity

Enterprise companies boost KPIs like first call resolution and CSAT, by leveraging the power of Agent scripting. Sign up for a demo to learn more.

Make Troubleshooting an Absolute Breeze

Agents scripting assists agents in every step of troubleshooting and empowers agents in your call center to troubleshoot issues with minimal agent training.

Resolve Support Issues Faster

Boost your First Call Resolution (FCR) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score, by resolving support queries faster and in a reliable manner.

Agent Scripts for Any Scenario

Build agent scripts based on specific request types to make sure the customer is asked the right questions instead of going through generic options like in IVR.

Self-service for agents

HappyFox Agent Scripting provides an intuitive self-service feature to agents while on the call, to assist the agents to resolve issues without any hassles.

Save new agent training time

Agent scripting can guide your team through the call flow, you can save a lot of time on training your new agents on every possible request type and appropriate responses.

Works For All Industries

Be it E-commerce, IT Services, Travel or Healthcare, you can provide the best-in-class customer service for all types of requests using HappyFox Agent scripting.

Identify and improve popular scripts

You can find out the popular scripts by sorting agent scripts based on the number of times used. Make sure your popular scripts are always optimized and adequately helpful.

View Your Answer History

When running through the scripts, the call center agents can recheck the previous responses added and also go back and modify the answer for a specific step. This will dynamically change the subsequent questions and the call flow. This flexibility makes the call-handling a breezy experience for your agents.

Agent scripting

Activity Logs for Past Responses

You can view the past responses recorded in the ticket using the activity logs. Activity logs will provide full history on who used the script, what questions were asked, what were the responses, and so on for your past inbound and outbound support calls.

Agent scripting

Add Detailed Instructions for Each Question

For each step of an agent script, you can provide additional instructions that enable the agent to further assist the customer in case of how to reproduce those troubleshooting actions on the customer's end. You can also use Rich Text and images to further annotate and highlight the important instructions that must be read at each step level. New agents in your account will be greatly benefitted by this knowledge sharing.

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Capture Form Fields

Collect customer responses in a structured way by creating form fields in agent scripts that can store data. You can use text, dropdown, and date type fields based on your preference. Capture additional fields like secondary phone number, company name, Order ID, Issue date.

Agent scripting

Automatically Track Time Spent by Agents

Automatically track the amount of time spent by agents in your contact center, as they go through the scripts with customers on inbound and outbound calls. Monitor and optimize the scripts to reduce time and improve customer experience.

Agent scripting

Auto Validate Script Before Publishing

HappyFox takes care of validating the call flow to make sure the questions are connected. The problem areas in the agent scripting are also highlighted for agents to fix the decision tree easily.

Agent scripting

Live Preview Your Scripts

HappyFox offers the best live preview among call center agent scripting software, that eliminates any hiccups to make call scripting a seamless experience for both agents and customers.

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