Help desk customization
Make your help desk your own

A help desk that looks and works just the way you want it to.

HappyFox intends to give you not just the perfect help desk experience but also a completely personalized one. It does not matter if it is the process you need customized or the looks. HappyFox enables both in good measure. With help desk customization, give your help desk the look and feel of your corporate identity, create rules, manage workflows and even set customized categories and roles.Whether it is the user interface or the functionality, HappyFox is a help desk that you can make it your own.

Customisation of your help desk has never been this easy

Customization and Branding. Because It’s your company help desk We made HappyFox so you can make it look completely like your company’s help desk. Start by adding your logo to the Support Center and your Staff portal. Give your brand name and also add your personalized description under it.

With custom CSS design, you can edit the font colors, styles and structure to give your Support Center a look that resembles your company website.

Custom Domain Mapping Reinforce brand identity by linking your custom domain name to the HappyFox support portal. From the default to the personalized guide will walk you through the steps to map the custom domain URL to HappyFox.

Personalize your domain
Customize and assign help desk roles

Create your own roles HappyFox lets you create customized roles for your support staff. You can make someone the all-powerful Admin with complete privileges, or create a new staff with restricted permissions so that they will be able to access only the areas you or your admin want them to. Name staff accordingly for easier understanding and have complete control over the support process.

Customize your categories Are you struggling to find a whole range of tickets that are waiting for your manager’s review because they are stuck in various queues? Create a custom category called ‘Manager’s Review’ and add all these tickets under this category. Create any number of custom categories to store tickets for easier reference and searching purposes.

A simple way to configure help desk categories
Help desk smart business rules for workflow management

A customizable help desk that listens to your every command HappyFox even has customizable functions. If you want your help desk to always assign tickets with more than ten replies automatically to your admin? Consider it done. With the help of Smart Rules, you get Customizable Workflow management. Create your own rules, automate your help desk and let it function just the way you want it to.

Personalized email notifications With personalized email notifications, you can create email templates for all activities for your customers like ticket creation, staff reply, ticket resolution, etc.
Take this a step further and create custom email notifications even for your staff for ticket activity like customer replies, ticket expiry, etc, to make sure your staff is always on top of their work.

customizable help desk notification
Customizable My Queue to keep a track of tickets you are interested in

Your own ticket queue When your staff logs into HappyFox, they can customize their ticket queue to give them optimum visibility and functionality. Sort tickets, give it a list view or a minimalistic ticket view, show only the columns or the categories you want and make sure your ticket view looks exactly the way you want it to. Thus, your staff will have a better understanding of their tickets and will also be able to find important tickets faster.

Our reports are customizable too HappyFox Reports can be scheduled to be received in your mailbox whenever you want them. They are also customizable, so you can get just the right parameters that are required for your core metrics. Be it tickets solved, response times or staff performance, HappyFox can generate any customized report with ease.

HappyFox also allows you to create a personalized URL for your support portal. Take a look at this article to know more.

Customization of help desk reports to gain customer support insights
Customizable My Queue to keep a track of tickets you are interested in

Personalizing Support Emails Does your support mail carry a Personal touch? Happyfox lets you have your preferred choice of “From:” name in your mail notifications. Choose between category name, a staff name or even a custom name of your choice. And that’s not all! With Happyfox, you can thread tickets and updates without the need of having a “Ticket ID” in your emails’ subject line and making your response look more personal.

Use every feature above to make the most of help desk customization from HappyFox

Improve internal collaboration
Increase branding with customers and staff
Speed up the ticket resolution process
Improve productivity with custom workflows
Increase transparency of communication to the customer
Build customer relationships with personalized email notifications
Show better results with better workflow management
Reduce time spent on searching for tickets

We were impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the HappyFox user interface, as well as the ease of management.

Yousuf Khan