Are you struggling to build an adequate and suitable customer service framework for your shipping company? Still looking for a software that gives you one single platform for managing all customer service requests? When managing customers of various sizes from different parts of the world, responding using a mailbox can get quite tedious.

HappyFox shipping help desk collects all your customer requests, organizes them based on priority, category etc to make it easier for you to differentiate, and also allows you to automate replies for commonly asked questions.

Shipping Industries
help desk software for shipping and transport

Organize customer support for shipping

Large scale international operations, tax issues, handling problems - Emails flowing in for all these issues are going to be voluminous. HappyFox help desk lets you manage all these mails from one common interface where you can view these tickets, arrange and consolidate them based on their priority and complexity, and assign them to the concerned staff for their action.

Customer support software for shipping and logistics
vendor communication software for shipping and transport

Vendor and supplier communication

Efficiency in shipping is predominantly driven on strict timelines. Any lack of communication between you and a vendor/supplier could delay shipping and cause huge losses. HappyFox logistics help desk eases all the communication gaps by gathering all the vendor requests on your help desk screen for you to attend to immediately and eliminate any chances of a delay.

Shipping and transport problems

Environmental factors pose additional challenges to the shipping industry. Processes can get affected when these are not addressed promptly. With HappyFox, transport shipping and tracking becomes a lot easier with the help of useful tickets for each issue. Get updates at regular intervals, track shipments and always stay on top of all your deliveries.

Track issues and problems in shipping and logistics
Manage sales for shipping and transport companies

Manage sales, leads and opportunities

Create tickets for all your sales leads, get your sales team to update tickets constantly with the current status and ensure that no lead falls through the cracks. Set strict deadlines and SLAs on your responses to sales prospects, intensify communication and watch profit margins grow automatically, with the HappyFox help desk.

Manage customer information

It is never going to be easy storing all the contact information, when you are shipping to multiple countries where there are thousands of vendors and customers who will be taking your deliveries. HappyFox has a robust customer contact management system that lets you store all your contacts in an easy-to-access interface. It also has useful CRM Integrations for you to bring in contact info from your favorite CRM onto HappyFox.

customer information management for shipping and logistics industry

Self-service knowledge-base and FAQ

Vendors not sure about a certain procedure? Delivery partner in the dark about a new process change? Worry not, as HappyFox provides a thorough knowledge base and FAQ system where your vendors and partners can understand process changes, view FAQs to gather answers to their questions and initiate self-service without having to reach out to your support team.

Knowledge base FAQ software for shipping and logistics

Monthly plans start from as low as 9$ a month

Help desk Integration

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