Multilingual Knowledge Base

Provide seamless customer service globally across geographies
with HappyFox Multi-Language Knowledge Base.

 provide support across geographies using happy fox multilingual knowledge base

HappyFox now extends its multilingual help desk features to Knowledge Base also. Cater to the needs of global customers and provide personalised customer support in the language they speak.

Centralised Knowledge Base Management

The need to have a separate language/country specific knowledge base system is no more.
The information in the primary language and its translations are managed and updated under one roof. Scaling one’s Knowledge Base across languages and maintaining its quality has never been this easier.

Personalised Customer Support

Personalise and localise support in the language that resonates with the customer.
Expand support to new geographies and languages with great confidence.
Enable customers to search for their solutions on the same familiar Knowledge Base interface.

Standardise Knowledge Base across languages:

A multilingual Knowledge Base inherently helps you to standardise the quality of the information across languages.
This standardisation enables your support staffs to provide the correct support across languages always.

happyfox multi lingual knowledge base

The list of languages we support:

HappyFox Knowledge Base System supports 15 languages offering a complete package of multilingual support.

Danish (dansk), Dutch (Nederlands), Finnish (suomi / suomen kieli), French (français), German (Deutsch), Hungarian (magyar / magyar nyelv), Italian (italiano), Norwegian (Norsk), Portuguese (português), Romanian (limba română / român), Russian (ру́сский язы́к), Spanish (español), Swedish (svenska), Turkish (Türkçe), English( U.S, U.K).
Is your language missing from the list? Contact us today and we'll make sure HappyFox speaks your language too!
HappyFox is a multilingual, global help desk letting you talk to your customers in their native language. Supporting 35 languages, the list is only growing

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