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Provide hassle-free Remote Customer Support to your customer in any location

Personalized customer support comes with limitations. Not at all times will you be able to dispatch a support agent to the client’s location to resolve their issue. But situations may demand that you get a complete view of the issue right from the customer’s system before you proceed on a resolution.

Similarly, there might be times when a support agent might get a critical ticket exactly when is not on his desk. To help eliminate both the above problems and many more, HappyFox introduces Remote Customer Support.

Logmein integration helps you to provide remote access support to your customers right from your help desk

LogMeIn Remote Support With the help of LogMeIn remote desktop support, you can provide support to your internal employees or customers right on their systems. Troubleshoot and resolve issues right off your browser and also have session details mapped to a HappyFox ticket.
Remotely troubleshoot issues by accessing your customer’s computer, files and apps securely with this help desk remote support software. Automate tasks, manage remote computers and provide live support on customer machines right from your desktops.

The LogMeIn Remote Support integration caters to all your remote support needs

Make Support easier to access for your Customer Customize the form to receive your customer’s email, a subject for his issue with a detailed description. Once submitted, a HappyFox ticket will get created automatically. The form is also category specific, so that your customer can pick whether it is a sales or a support related question, and the ticket will be created in the appropriate category.


Gather valuable feedback You can use this as a feedback form on your website. Use the header and description to post a question or request for feedback and have the customer submit her feedback with no hassles. The feedback will be logged under the appropriate category in your HappyFox help desk for your staff to look into.


HappyFox for mobile HappyFox native app is available on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Agents on the go can remotely access and respond to tickets from their mobile devices.Check out more about our mobile interface here.

Omnichannel Customer Support You cannot miss out on a customer query when you have a help desk that lets you support via voice, mail, and live chat. Using our voice integrations and live-chat integrations, you can provide support from wherever you are over any channel in no time.

Custom customer contact and feedback form

With the help of these features,

Improve customer engagement
Work remotely and collaborate work without having to move anywhere
Simplify process of customer feedback
Provide instant remote support on customer systems from your desktops
Strengthen relationships
Energize your IT teams with remote support from multiple geographies
Easy to setup a widget
Never miss out on responses while on the move