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Optimize Your Customer Service Operations and Ticket Resolution with HappyFox's Cloud Contact Center

Face the challenges of customer support head-on with an affordable cloud contact center software that is equipped with advanced, but easy-to-use features, integrations, and automation.

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Focus on Resolving Incidents Without Disruptions

Boost Efficiency with
Omnichannel Support

With HappyFox, you can utilize two-way sync with a variety of communication channels like SMS, social media, phone, live chat, REST APIs, and forms to address support queries.

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Unify support across departments

Provide Robust Phone Channel Support

Streamline voice support by routing customers through RingCentral or Aircall’s IVR before it rings inside HappyFox.

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Inbound & outbound calls

You can receive customer calls without leaving HappyFox Help Desk and make calls for any specific ticket.

IVR support

Streamline voice support by routing customers through RingCentral or Aircall’s IVR before it rings inside HappyFox.

Country code support

The integrations support international calls with a dialer that lets you punch in the phone number with the country code.

Call notes

Differentiate regular updates from a call summary update. You also have the option to report on-call notes separately.

Improve Support Process with Rule-Based Auto Assignments

Improve Support Process with Rule-Based Auto Assignments

Auto assignment of tickets is essentially the process of routing tickets for follow-ups and closures based on predefined rules.

Boost agent productivity, save time and ensure even work distribution by auto-assigning tickets based on metrics like skills, rules, and ticket load. You can manage your workforce better with round-robin or agent-based routing algorithms

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Improve Support Process with Rule-Based Auto Assignments

Have Structured Conversations with Agent Scripts

Assist your agents in every step of troubleshooting and empower them to resolve issues with minimal training with agent scripts.

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Resolve any issue efficiently

Help your agents solve any issue in a methodical and orderly way with step-by-step guides defined through agent scripting.

Faster ticket resolution

Boost your first call resolution (FCR) rates and customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores by giving your agents the tools for timely & efficient resolution.

Capture form fields

Automatically update your custom fields by capturing structured customer and ticket data with agent script fields.

Save new agent training time

Guide agents through call flow, reduce time sent on intimating new agents with request types and appropriate reponses with agent scripts.

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Add More Value to your Support Workflow

Encourage self-service on the cloud

Build a no-code, customizable, multi-lingual, and mobile supported knowledge base with HappyFox and publish KB articles, white papers, and videos on it. You can deflect repetitive tickets by encouraging your customers to resolve issues by themselves.

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Improve customer experience with satisfaction surveys

Run agent-wise or customer-wise CSAT reports and measure and monitor customer satisfaction levels on the three-point scale. These real-time reports can help you monitor agent performance and improve customer engagement.

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Improve customer experience with satisfaction surveys

Gain contextual data with CRM integrations

Track customer journeys, gain contextual data about customers, and also push over customer interactions from within the help desk into CRM software integrations with SalesForce, SugarCRM, Keap, and MS Dynamics. Also automatically create leads with Salesforce and MS Dynamics within HappyFox.

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Gain contextual data with CRM integrations

Do More with a Mobile Help Desk

  • Create tickets, reply to tickets, leave private notes, and update ticket fields on the mobile app.
  • Save time and effort by replying to repetitive queries with canned action templates.
  • Get instant notifications about contacts, accounts, and the tickets you have subscribed to.
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Leverage Date for Enhanced Support

Record & track data

Record, store, and monitor calls and metadata about each call, call durations, and resolutions for future audits for your cloud or on-premise call center software. Also, automate actions within Help Desk based on the message body of the call logs.

Record & track data

Analyze data with real-time reporting

Validate your support operations and make better decisions by gathering and analyzing inflow and agent analytics. You can create custom reports and drill down to a single ticket level within the Help Desk or use our Business Intelligence solution for advanced insights.

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