Measure Customer Satisfaction with HappyFox Help Desk Survey

Ever wondered if your customers were satisfied with your support? Build customer loyalty by sending customer surveys, analyzing the feedback and improving support experience.

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What are Customer Satisfaction Surveys? What is CSAT Score?

A customer satisfaction survey, in essence, is a follow-up sent out by support agents after an issue has been resolved to understand what the user thinks of the quality of support provided for a product/service. A customer satisfaction survey could ask users open-ended questions such as:

  • How happy are they with the resolution of the issue?
  • How happy are they with the time taken to resolve the issue?
  • How happy are they with the overall customer support experience?

A CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) or NPS (Net Promoter Score) score tells the reviewer, how much of an effective resolution an issue or a ticket has received, and what the customer feels about it.

Trigger Surveys and Get Reliable Feedback

Control when to trigger satisfaction surveys using intelligent automation. Transform detractors into brand advocates!

  • Choose when to trigger the feedback survey: for every agent reply, when a ticket is moved to a completed status, or both!
  • Use a multi-choice rating scales for accurate and relevant feedback.
  • Allow your agents to trigger surveys manually.
Track IT Incidents and Outages with an Efficient Ticketing System

Create your own Survey Templates

Measure accurate customer satisfaction by asking the right questions about your support experience.

  • Create unique customer satisfaction survey templates for different departments in your organization. Customize the survey landing pages for each of your surveys.
  • Use a powerful rich text editor to customize the subject, body of your survey template.
  • Use merge fields to add dynamic content and personalize your customer satisfaction survey questions.
Track IT Incidents and Outages with an Efficient Ticketing System

Measure Customer Satisfaction and Drive Improvements

Drilldown CSAT score by customers. Identify which customers have been unhappy lately and where more focus is required.

  • View CSAT by agents and maintain a leaderboard for CSAT score. Also, find out which agents have low scores.
  • Identify your Satisfied, Neutral and Unsatisfied customers.
  • Find out which departments require more focus using filters by categories.
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Do more with CSAT Surveys & HappyFox Help desk!

  • Integrate with online survey development software like SurveyMonkey and choose from hundreds of built-in survey templates.
  • Filter ticket queues by satisfaction survey results, identify tickets that have low ratings and improvise.
  • Track customer satisfaction at different stages of a ticket’s lifecycle through audit logs.
Track IT Incidents and Outages with an Efficient Ticketing System
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