Send Survey, Get Feedback and Improve Support

Now measure customer happiness on each support ticket using built-in HappyFox Satisfaction Survey.

Ever wondered if your customers were satisfied with your support?

Satisfaction Survey let’s you get feedback from your customers.

  • Create your own survey template
  • Hassle-free setup
  • Choose when to send a survey: for every reply, or ticket closure
  • One click Satisfaction Rating
  • Measure staff performance based on ratings received

Why HappyFox Satisfaction Survey?

HappyFox Satisfaction Survey is built-in and easy. The motive of Satisfaction Survey is to gauge how satisfied your customers are. A happy customer is always a win for your business.

Create a customer Satisfaction Survey on your help desk
Measure customer satisfaction with satisfaction reports

HappyFox Satisfaction Survey helps you to:

  • Gain insights into the feedbacks your support staffs receive
  • Choose to send survey on every ticket close or every staff response
  • Export your survey data to Excel or CSV formats

Easily configure, trigger and measure customer satisfaction on every ticket using Satisfaction Survey. This feature is available on fantastic plan and above.

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