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Organize customer emails from all email channels like Gmail and Outlook into one single efficient system with HappyFox Help Desk.

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Stay on top of all incoming requests with a shared inbox which ensures that you don’t miss out on any customer email.

Effortlessly systemize emails from all your inboxes, collaborate on and reply to high-volume emails that burden your shared inbox.

Unify support across departments

Unify support
across departments

Consolidate requests from mailboxes across all departments of your organization into one unified inbox. Simplify collaboration, client and internal information relay, and project management by using categories to distribute work across team members.

Organize tickets into queues

Organize tickets into queues

Use queues to systematically prioritize, organize, and resolve support requests. Watch your customer satisfaction rates consistently increase as your response time and support quality improves.

Effective collaboration & communication

Effective collaboration &

Use private notes for easy internal communication. Add tasks and due dates to tickets to maximize team performance and reach zero inbox.

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Automate ticket assignment

Automate ticket assignment

Use Smart Rules to route support requests to relevant agents automatically based on department and issue type. Decrease time spent on repetitive tasks and inbox management.

Avoid agent collision

Avoid agent collision

Agent overlap or collision is common when agents from multiple departments are collaborating in the same space. Know who else is viewing and acting on a ticket with collision alerts.

Save time with canned actions

Save time with canned actions

Save time and effort with the canned actions feature that allows you to respond to FAQs and repetitive requests with pre-composed replies.

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Streamline tickets from all sources and make collaboration easier with
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