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For the customers, by the customers.

Your customers can track support tickets, engage in community forums and
refer to expert knowledge base all in a single Self Service Portal.

HappyFox self service portal

Allow your customers to check ticket status, get inputs on issues, involve themselves in community forum discussions and more with the HappyFox Self service software

Customer service does not only mean your support staff have to answer queries or resolve issues. As an enterprise, you need to enable your customers to gather resolutions for queries and get expert advice/knowledge on issues, without having to involve your support agents.

With the HappyFox, your support staff can take care of other critical issues while your customers handle the simple ones on their own. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? It gets better. We have elevated customer service to a new level where apart from support staff helping customers, we let customers help other customers.

HappyFox self service knowledgebase

Self Service Support CenterWhether it is creating a ticket, checking status of previously raised tickets or referring to knowledge base articles, HappyFox customer portal lets you do all of this from one single interface. This Support Center is your customer’s one-stop-shop for all support activities. Login using your Google or Twitter accounts and save time spent on having to create new login IDs.

Community ForumsHappyFox offers a robust Community Forum where your customers can engage in topics and conversations with other customers. Thus, you increase customer engagement and also allow them to share their views/inputs on issues. Use the forum to create topics for discussion, gather feedback and also make announcements.

HappyFox customer community forum
Embed customer support widget on your website

All the above on a simple widgetNow your support center, knowledge base and ticket all come to you in the form of a simple widget. Let your customers search for solutions to their queries from your knowledge base, indulge in discussions on your forums and also submit ticket, all from a tiny widget on the side of your page.

Knowledge-base and FAQHappyFox gives you a complete Knowledge-base and FAQ system that does not require customers to login. By having FAQs and informative articles, give your agents a breather and make customer support quicker, with HappyFox self service portal.

Take self-service a notch higher by offering knowledge base articles in a variety of languages as well. Agents providing support in a specific language can view knowledge base articles in the same language. Customers can also switch between languages and obtain resolutions to their issues in their preferred languages, with ease.

Knowledge-base and FAQ

Strengthen your Support with Self-Service


Using HappyFox, we can now support our 200+ sites with a staff of three! Enough said.

Matt Pendergraff,

With HappyFox Self Service Portal,
Build stronger customer relationships
Build stronger customer relationships.
Increase customer engagement and retention
Increase customer engagement & retention.
Save support cost and reduce effort
Save support cost and reduce effort.
Enable IT self service
Enable IT self service.

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