Every activity brought to your notice
with Help Desk Notifications

Get notified about everything happening on your help desk with email notification templates, wherever you go.

Information that matters

When a customer sends a mail across to your support ID, there is no confirmation to them that you received their mail. Similarly, if a customer responds on your ticket, unless you check each and every ticket, you might never know about his response and this might delay the resolution. HappyFox help desk lets you send custom notifications for all these actions and more.

Automate your responses

Create an email notification template for a new account creation, ticket submission, ticket assignment, replies etc. Every activity will be automatically notified on his mailbox right from account creation to assignment to resolution.

Staff need information too

Your support staff will get notifications when a ticket is created in their category. It will also send emails when a ticket is assigned to them, when their ticket gets a reply or a private note, or even if one of their tickets get merged with another one. Notifications can be category specific and you can also add custom field data in your email template. Always be informed of ticket statuses by creating email notifications for SLA breaches, category changes etc and increase customer support efficiency.

Forum and System Notifications

If you thought only ticket changes get notifications, here is more. HappyFox even has email notification templates for Forum replies. Go ahead and spoil yourself by creating help desk notifications for new staff accounts, password changes, email changes and a lot more.

Perform ticket-level actions
Perform ticket-level actions when replying to customers via email

Till now, 2 way email integration has allowed for staff responses to be added on a ticket, by merely replying to the notifications that staff members receive via email.

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