Unifying Customer Support Channels

a HappyFox Webinar

Discover strategies and solutions on how to provide unified support using the HappyFox multi-channel help desk.
Configure your HappyFox help desk to manage all platforms and make sure you are available when your customers need you. Join us to learn how to setup and manage multi-channel support on your HappyFox account

Key Takeaways

  • Provide a ubiquitous support for your customers.

  • Understanding the advantages of unifying all of your
    support channels.

  • Reduce confusion by streamlining and centralizing all incoming requests.

  • Ensure ease of use for your agents by using a single interface for all incoming customer requests.

Learn About

  • Setting up Email support(Multiple emails/categories), Social Media Support, Chat, and Phone support in HappyFox

  • Setting up an Embeddable Widget/Contact Form on your website.

  • Streamlining all incoming support requests with HappyFox.

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