Your Personal, Mobile Help Desk

Want the convenience of a Swanky iOS mobile help desk or a sturdy Android mobile help desk
to provide “support on the move”? Here you go Apple & Google fan boys!

happyfox mobile help desk is available in your iTunes store on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. HappyFox Android help desk is available in the Google play store. HappyFox Windows help desk is available in the Windows store.
HappyFox mobile help desk is a personal way of responding to your customers, on the move

Tickets on the Go!

Tap once to get a full view of your ticket support system. Perform all ticket level actions in your mobile help desk just the way you do on the desktop.

Filter your ticket

HappyFox mobile help desk enables you to search and find the ticket you care about from the whole list of tickets based on its status or the category it belongs to.

History – As recorded!

Swipe around to view the chronological record of all your conversations with the customers.

Act on your tickets

Reply to your customers in length from this uncluttered mobile help desk interface.

Private notes

Do you need clarity before you clarify your customer’s query? Leave private notes to discuss the issue internally – easily from this mobile help desk app.

HappyFox help desk is available on iPad

Other Help Desk features...