Reach the sky with your Cloud help desk!

HappyFox is a SaaS help desk. Meaning, you do not need hefty servers and traditional licensing anymore to provide awesome customer support.

Men, Material and Money

Men, Material & Money This cloud help desk is a winner if you see no incentive to spend thousands of dollars in setting up a server infrastructure and employing resources to manage it. Spend significantly less.

Scale Your Customer Support

Scale Your Customer Support With HappyFox cloud help desk do no more than a couple of clicks, to add as many support agents as you need. All in a jiffy.

More for Less

More for Less With no hardware constraints, you spend fewer dollars and get virtually unlimited storage space. With this cloud help desk you are, now, better placed to handle a surge in customer support requests.

Backing you up

Backing you up HappyFox cloud help desk does every day back up of all your data, ensuring that no unforeseen server disturbances impact you, your data and your business. Your valuables are restored before it is lost.

Safe in Amazon

Safe in Amazon If your help desk runs on the cloud, then who runs the cloud? A world-class cloud platform called Amazon Web Services. To avoid downtime and disasters to your help desk, we have architected our data centers to stay geographically distributed.

Update & Install are Sinners

“Update & Install” are Sinners At any given time, you are running the latest version of the HappyFox SaaS help desk. With it, downloading & installing the latest version of the app and paying more to enjoy the new features are things of the past.