The Multi-Brand Help Desk in a Nutshell


Agents do not need to toggle between multiple accounts, manage endless notifications and remember passwords.


Cut costs by integrating brands under one account rather than paying for multiple accounts.


Easy scaling with minimal confusion for both staff and user.


Create unique content and branding that reflects the identity of specific brands/regions.


Centralized method of managing multiple brands/services under one ticketing system.


Restrict agents to specific brands they are likely to offer support.

Why You Need Multi-Brand Help Desk

If you are an organization that offers a range of different brands to your customers, would it make sense to have a common support center for both your music players and your mobiles? With HappyFox satellite help desk, you can have different support center for different brands and yet have all tickets flow into one common portal under different categories.

Satellite Help Desk to Provide Support

The satellite help desk helps you cater not just to multiple brands, but also multiple geographies, multiple services, varied customer base, etc. You can create customized knowledge bases for each region or each brand, have a separate forum and customer portal so that your support is personalized, unique and simple.

Individualized and Brand-Specific

HappyFox allows you to have exclusive branding for each of your support centers, forums, and knowledge base. Customize each customer portal with the brand logos, headings, and content, add the appropriate KB so that your customers get exactly what they are looking for and with no confusion.

Ease of Use for Staff and Customer

Gone are the days when support agents have to struggle with remembering various passwords or constantly keep switching between portals by logging in and off. Your support team is together always, managing it from one unified location, while your customers get the feel of having a separate support center for each product.


How to Build a Seamless Multi-Brand Help Desk

Learn about the benefits of a multi-brand help desk; How to set up multiple brands in HappyFox; Customizing your help desk for each brand; Set unique automation rules, SLAs and Custom Fields.

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