HappyFox sets base in California

April, 2013

CALIFORNIA - APRIL, 2013 - Three years into cementing their name as a practical and simple help desk, HappyFox has decided to establish their base in Irvine, California to carry forward their customer service journey.

Companies today have started providing more emphasis on customer service as it has become one of the key factors for a good business. American Express Global Customer Service Study states that over 70% of Americans are willing to spend a good 13% more with companies that they believe provide good customer service.

Exceptional customer support does a lot more than just solve customer issues. It helps establish a brand image, contribute to customer retention, upsell products and turn regular customers into brand advocates. Considering the fact that customer service interactions are one of the only methods of forging strong customer relationships, companies have begun to spend millions of dollars into their customer service initiatives.

HappyFox Inc. has seen tremendous growth in their US customer base with companies of various sizes swearing by HappyFox for their customer service needs. Pulkit Sankhla, Head of Sales, says ‘Over 50% of our customers are from the US. Our move to the US is a well strategized one and the benefits are twofold. This allows to provide more focus on support for US customers while also opening up avenues to capitalize on the business opportunities in the US market.’

Greenfield Online’s survey reports that companies in the US lose an estimated $83 billion each due to defections and abandoned purchases as a direct result of a poor customer experience. “Having grown leaps and bounds as a help desk product, we have made it highly feature rich and scalable. This gives us the platform to expand aggressively in the US and establish it as our global base for providing practical customer service solutions to enterprises”, says Shalin Jain, CEO of HappyFox.

HappyFox is a help desk software that reduces chaos and clutter and lets you organize your support process with a strong ticketing system, knowledge base and community forums. HappyFox allows incoming requests via mail, voice and live-chat and categorizes them as actionable tickets in the support system.