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How to use the HappyFox assets


HappFox Wordmark - White

Wordmark - White

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HappFox Wordmark - Black

Wordmark - Black

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Brand Guidelines

  • The HappyFox logo is precisely proportioned. The size and position relationship between the symbol and logotype must remain intact.
  • The logo’s shape, proportion, colour and orientation must not be altered in any way.
  • Clear space must surround the logo on all sides in such a way that no type, design, or photographic elements encroach on the logo.

When written, HappyFox is a single word with an uppercase H and an uppercase F. It is always written as HappyFox, never as Happyfox, nor as Happy Fox.

Legal Disclaimer: The logos are trademarks of HappyFox Inc. and are protected under intellectual property laws. Please use them correctly.