HappyFox launches Mobile apps

December, 2012

DECEMBER, 2012 - The fast growing name in the help desk industry, HappyFox has decided to introduce their Android and iOS versions of the app for allowing their customers to provide support on the move and to provide access to all information on their fingertips.

The perception of customer support has evolved over the years where the focus has shifted to reducing first response time across industries, bringing down resolution rates and speeding up the entire support process. In an era where companies are thriving on customer service as their USP, the differentiating factor is now on which companies can provide quicker and easier customer service.

According to Purdue University’s Benchmark portal, average email response is 33 hours, with the top 25% of companies responding in under 2 hours. Customers expect a response in less than 24 hours for them to have brand loyalty. This requires support agents to be always available for speedy support.

With the help of the HappyFox Android and iOS app, support agents can easily browse through tickets, prioritize them and respond accordingly, all with a few swipes off a smartphone screen. “All the core functionalities including the key features like Advanced Search and Canned action are all available on the mobile app. We wanted to give a similar web experience on the smartphone for our customers.” says HappyFox Product Manager Swarna Rethas.

On a casual weekend with family, it is a lot of effort having to boot up the laptop, login to the support portal and reply to a single ticket. With the HappyFox mobile app, support staff can be notified of tickets, along with category and priority, for them to reply immediately right from the mobile app.

Support agents can even insert knowledge base articles or canned replies to make their ticket replies even simpler and faster. HappyFox has constructed the app with a very minimalist user interface, with the primary focus on helping support agents respond easily on the move.

HappyFox has also introduced a next generation mobile app support software called HelpStack for app developers to provide in-app customer support, solve bugs, get valuable feedback and amass positive ratings right from within the app.

What is HappyFox?
HappyFox is a help desk software that reduces chaos and clutter and lets you organize your support process with a strong ticketing system, knowledge base and community forums. HappyFox allows incoming requests via mail, voice and live-chat and categorizes them as actionable tickets in the support system.