With HappyFox, Support your customers in more than 35 languages

February, 2013

FEBRUARY, 2013 - HappyFox help desk, based out of Irvine, California, talks about why they introduced over 35 unique languages in which their help desk can function and also the impact of the same on their customer base.

Businesses are slowly understanding the need to become global as it helps divide operations, bring in resource and market diversification and more importantly help gather that international edge against the rest of the competition. This international expansion is all the more critical for help desks as they enable companies to provide support service to their customers around the globe.

“When expanding HappyFox to other geographies, one of the key challenges faced was to provide the same quality of support to people from all geographies no matter what language they speak in.” says Shalin Jain, CEO of HappyFox Inc. “I wanted to give myself and all the other companies in the world the ability to effortlessly scale to regions across the world, eliminating the hassles of tackling multiple languages.”

Companies for a long time have been struggling to cope with language issues when shifting to geographies that do not speak English. Especially in the case of a help desk, companies have had to find a separate help desk in that region to cater to that specific language while sticking to their native English one too, which not only increases cost but makes it difficult to consolidate customer service.

This new multilingual help desk feature from HappyFox aims to be the perfect solution for eliminate all these issues by being able to consolidate and provide seamless customer service in 35 different languages with ease. HappyFox functions as a completely adaptable help desk where the support staff can change the language of their dashboard to the one of their choice.

HappyFox not only looks to simplify the work of support staff, but also that of the customers looking for support. Customers can now login to change the language of the support center to the one of their choice.

“The greatest advantage of this feature is that it now gives companies the complete freedom to carry out service in any part of the world by toggling between languages with just the flick of a button.”, Shalin proudly explains.

HappyFox already has a host of intuitive features to completely simplify the customer support process for companies around the world and this new addition will only be another feather in their cap.

HappyFox is a help desk software that reduces chaos and clutter and lets you organize your support process with a strong ticketing system, knowledge base and community forums. HappyFox allows incoming requests via mail, voice and live-chat and categorizes them as actionable tickets in the support system.