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Within four weeks of implementing HappyFox Chat, we saw a remarkable improvement in all of our metrics.

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Donohoe Systems is an IT Cloud/Web Solutions Specialist based in the UK. They are Microsoft Cloud Partners that can aid the deployment and introduction of Office 365 in a business environment, with minimal service disruption to their clients.

Corey Donohoe, CEO of Donohoe Systems, took some time to share his experience with HappyFox Chat and how it has assisted his business’ operations.

Industry: Information Technology

Using HappyFox Chat since July 2015


We were previously using The goal was to reduce the strain on our sales and support departments, who were frequently flooded with questions at the time of deployment and throughout. We found that became difficult to manage, and it often lagged, causing customer complaints. In addition, was difficult as it did not offer integrations with any of the additional services we use (e.g. WordPress).


As soon as we installed and logged in to HappyFox Chat, we were blown away by the beautiful dashboard that showed all current chats and chats in the queue. We quickly realized that HappyFox Chat is easier to use, and more efficient in handling multiple chats, unlike

One of the reasons why I selected HappyFox Chat for Donohoe Systems’ live chat needs, is that it integrated with third party apps our business used. The sheer number of app integrations available is incredible. And they have more to come which is even more impressive. The amount of time and effort that has gone into making this the best live chat solution, in my opinion, is incredible!

Why HappyFox Chat?

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HappyFox Chat has revolutionized the way Donohoe Systems connects and supports its customers. It allows us to view customers’ purchases in-chat, giving us the power to resolve more sales queries faster, and effectively.


Average No. of Sales Made Through Live Chat

As you can see, Donohoe Systems made more sales using HappyFox Chat, as it integrated with our Sales System

HappyFox Chat allows Donohoe Systems to reply to frequent queries via unlimited canned responses. With this feature, it allows us to answer more questions on the spot, without having to waste valuable time searching for the same answer over and over.


Average Response Times with Live Chat

As you can see, Donohoe Systems had a much faster response time when using HappyFox Chat

Within four weeks of implementing HappyFox Chat, we saw a remarkable improvement in all of our metrics. The average number of leads has more than doubled, from eight to 19, an average number of sales has already increased from five to 16, and our average response time dropped from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.


Average Generated Leads with Live Chat

As you can see, Donohoe Systems generated more leads (on average) using HappyFox Chat due to the Quality and responsiveness of the service.


HappyFox Chat has improved our lead generation process and turned those leads into customers. With HappyFox Chat, we have watched the app integrations give us the power to respond to customers faster than we ever thought possible.

Over 8000 Satisfied Customers

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