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Live chat software that is actually fun to use

With a unique user interface designed to let you work faster and easier, HappyFox Chat is that perfect mix of surprisingly sleek and stunningly simple.

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Customers love real time support.

Answer questions on the spot and watch your customer satisfaction scores soar.


Don't wait for your customers to ask questions. Reach out to them, solve issues on the spot, and reduce ticket volumes.

  • Triggered Chat
  • Proactive Chat
  • Live Chat Translation
  • Live Chat Rating
  • Automatically invite website visitors to chat, offer help, prompt deals and knock their socks off with contextual messages.

    Triggered Chat
  • Offer help and prompt customers with personalized messages, contextual promotions and relevant product information, in real-time, right when they are on your website.

    Proactive Chat
  • Understand & speak your customer's language. Automatically detect and translate customer conversations. It is like magic.

    Live Chat Translation
  • Encourage visitors to rate your support and give feedback immediately after the conversation ends. A frequent, targeted and timely feedback channel that helps your team to continuously improve and stay motivated.

    Live Chat Rating
Extreme Productivity

Setup your live chat support workflow the way you like it.

  • Routing/Queuing
  • Departments
  • Work hours
  • Live Chat Reports
  • Handle high chat volumes smarter and faster. Reduce customer wait times and distribute support load evenly across your team.

  • Automatically channel incoming chat requests to specific departments. Connect your customers to the best agents based on products/departments/issues.

  • Set up work schedule for an efficient staff and support process management. Your live chat widget will show on your website only during the times specified as Work hours.

    Work hours
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement with quantitative data. Activity metrics like the total number of chats and missed chats helps you allocate resources better and scale your team with purpose.

    Live Chat Reports
  • Visitor Details
  • Integrations
  • Facebook messaging
  • Transcript details
  • See visitor details like location, browser and page history right when you chat to customers.

    Visitor Details
  • HappyFox Chat was built from the ground up to play well with your HappyFox help desk. View past customer tickets during a chat, post chat transcripts as tickets and sync tags. HappyFox Chat integrates with more than 25 apps including your favourite help desk, CRM, Marketing automation, and E-commerce apps.

  • Be where your customers are. Answer questions from messaging channels like Facebook.

    Facebook messaging
  • See detailed transcripts with all events along with timestamps to track exactly what happened during a conversation.

    Transcript details
  • Monitor Chat
  • Canned Responses
  • Tags
  • Transfer ongoing chats to the relevant agent/department. Get your customers in front of the best agent possible.

    Transfer Chat
  • Gain direct insight of ongoing chat sessions handled by the other agents and admins.

    Monitor Chat
  • Identify and create standard replies for all the commonly asked customer questions. Maintain a reusable repository of response templates that can speed up response times.

    Canned Responses
  • Add helpful tags to conversations that you can later search and analyse to understand your customer's issues better.


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