Top 7 AI Customer Support Software 2024 - Essential Buyer's Guide


Founder & CEO HappyFox

July 02, 2024

In today's fast-paced world, top-notch customer support is crucial for businesses of all sizes. As your customer base grows, so do the challenges of maintaining efficient and effective support.

Manual processes and a lack of automation often slow down customer support. As support requests increase, agents struggle to respond quickly, and managers work hard to maintain quality. Meanwhile, VPs and Directors of Support seek ways to cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, and speed up resolution times.

Amid these challenges, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming customer support. AI-powered solutions streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and enable personalized service at scale.

In this article, we'll explore the benefits and capabilities of AI customer support software. We'll provide an in-depth analysis of the top 7 AI customer support softwares, highlighting their pros and cons to help you choose the right solution for your organization.

What is AI in Customer Support?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer support:

refers to the use of advanced algorithms and machine learning to automate and enhance various aspects of customer support. AI tools can handle routine tasks, provide instant responses, and offer personalized assistance based on customer data. These technologies help support teams manage increasing volumes of queries efficiently, improve response times, and deliver a consistently high-quality customer experience.

Benefits of AI Customer Support Software:

  • Improved Efficiency:

    AI streamlines support by automating routine tasks and shortening response times, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced Personalization:

    It tailors interactions to each customer's preferences, history, and behavior, strengthening relationships.

  • Scalability:

    AI solutions effortlessly adapt to growing support needs, maintaining high quality and performance as your business expands.

  • Cost Savings:

    Automating tasks and refining workflows with AI reduces operational expenses, achieving cost efficiency without sacrificing service quality.

  • 24/7 Availability:

    AI-driven solutions provide continuous support, ensuring customers can access help whenever they need it, day or night

  • Consistent Service Levels:

    AI ensures uniformity in responses, delivering the same high-quality support across all interactions.

  • Enhanced Response Quality::

    AI leverages advanced algorithms to provide accurate and relevant answers, improving the overall quality of support and customer satisfaction.

How can customer support teams use AI?

  • AI-Powered Self-Service::

    AI enables teams to offer self-service options across multiple channels, including their own support centres. By leveraging AI, customers can find answers to their queries instantly, without contacting support. AI continuously learns from interactions to improve its responses, enhancing accuracy and relevance.

    This reduces the number of incoming tickets, allowing support teams to focus on complex issues ,and improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Automated Ticketing and workflows::

    AI automatically categorizes tickets based on content, urgency, and customer history, routing them to the appropriate team without manual intervention. AI-driven workflows can trigger actions based on ticket attributes, such as escalating high-priority issues or initiating follow-up tasks.

    This automation saves agents from repetitive tasks, reduces burnout, and fosters a more productive support environment. For managers, it ensures consistent handling of tickets, aligning with SLAs and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

  • Maintaining Knowledge Bases::

    AI streamlines the process of updating and maintaining knowledge bases, ensuring customers always have access to the most relevant and current information. It identifies content gaps based on customer inquiries and feedback, aiding in the creation and revision of articles to keep the knowledge base comprehensive and aligned with customer needs.

    This empowers customers to self-service effectively and reduces the burden on support teams.

  • AI-Powered Writing Assistants::

    AI-powered writing assistants help agents craft quicker, more accurate responses by accessing a comprehensive database of knowledge base articles and historical interactions. They ensure responses are relevant, timely, and of high quality. These assistants also offer translation capabilities, expanding support to a global customer base.

    This streamlines workflows, reduces search time, and enhances productivity, leading to greater customer satisfaction with prompt, well-informed solutions.

Top 7 AI tools for customer support




HappyFox is a premier provider of AI-driven customer and employee support solutions, dedicated to delivering exceptional support experiences. HappyFox stands out in the AI customer support category by seamlessly integrating AI capabilities with the simplicity and intuitiveness that the platform is known for.

From ticket management to team collaboration, automation to analytics, HappyFox provides all the tools to manage and scale support operations in one intuitive, customizable platform.

PC Mag has named HappyFox the Best Help Desk Software for seven consecutive years, underscoring its dedication to providing outstanding and innovative customer support solutions.

HappyFox offers AI tools tailored to the specific needs of different roles within an organization. These solutions focus on improving self-service for customers and enhancing productivity for agents and managers. Adopting a consultative approach, HappyFox ensures these AI solutions are seamlessly integrated into diverse business environments.

Key Features

  • AI Resolve::

    Upgrade your customer portal with AI Resolve to offer a better self-service experience. It enables you to provide quick, personalized Gen AI answers to customer queries, eliminating the need to search through multiple knowledge articles. This leads to significant ticket deflection, as customers can resolve their issues independently, reducing ticket volume and improving overall customer satisfaction.

  • AI Agent Copilot::

    For agents handling high volumes of tickets daily, AI Agent Copilot provides writing assistance, ticket summaries, translations, lookup of similar tickets, and recommendations for canned responses and KB articles. For example, agents can quickly draft accurate responses using AI-powered writing assistance and canned responses, reducing the time spent on each ticket and improving response quality. This helps manage workload more efficiently and reduces burnout.

  • AI Knowledge::

    For support teams struggling to keep the knowledge base up-to-date, AI Knowledge identifies gaps, auto-generates articles from past ticket data and responses, and provides ready-to-review drafts. This means support teams can quickly update their KB without extensive manual effort, ensuring that the most accurate information is always available. This not only saves time but also reduces operational costs and improves the overall quality of support.

  • AI Insights::

    For support managers aiming to optimize operations, AI Insights offers trend reporting on topics and intent, insights from customer interactions, and agent performance metrics. This data helps managers make informed decisions by identifying areas for improvement, such as common issues causing delays or underperforming agents who may need additional training.

  • AI Agents::

    AI Agents can identify cases where initial triaging steps can be automated, capture missing information, and send initial troubleshooting steps. For example, AI Agents can automatically categorize incoming tickets, gather necessary details, and initiate troubleshooting steps before a human agent intervenes. This ensures that when a human agent steps in, they have all the necessary information to resolve the ticket quickly and effectively. Additionally, you can measure the number of tickets AI touches overall and by intent, and identify low-performing tickets to provide further guidance to the AI.


  1. Offers full-stack customer support solutions for all teams in a firm
  2. Offers great customization flexibility to tailor solutions that meet diverse business requirements.
  3. Features an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation and operation, making it easy to use for users of all skill levels.
  4. All teams, including the CEO, are involved in customer support processes. This ensures escalations are addressed faster and issues resolved quicker.
  5. Best-in-class AI capabilities with a consultative approach to tailor them to your business needs and goals.
  6. For larger teams, offers unlimited agent plans that start at $1999/month


  1. Social media connections limited to Facebook and Twitter
  2. Some features such as asset management only available on higher plans.
Basic $9 /agent/month
Team $49 /agent/month
Pro $99 /agent/month
Enterprise Pro Contact Sales
HappyFox AI Add-on starts from $14 /agent/month

Adopting HappyFox led to substantial cost reductions, improved response times, and decreased staff workload. With top-notch customer service, we enthusiastically recommend HappyFox for its AI-driven support solutions that unify every team and workflow.

Justin Gere

Manager, IT Operations




Zendesk introduces a powerful AI layer, designed to transform customer experience (CX) with personalized, efficient, and empathetic support accessible for all companies. This AI is powered by billions of customer interactions and combines Zendesk's proprietary models with large language models (LLMs), offering new AI technologies that instantly improve service experiences.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Triage::

    Automatically classifies incoming customer issues using intent, language, and sentiment analysis, creating intelligent workflows.

  • Advanced Bots::

    Enhanced, pre-trained bots for messaging and email, leveraging an extensive database of customer intents for personalized and accurate responses.

  • Agent Assistance::

    Provides AI-powered insights and suggestions to improve agent productivity and accelerate customer issue resolution.

  • Generative AI::

    Powered by OpenAI, features include summarizing, rephrasing, and tone adjustment for support articles and agent-customer interactions, making support more human-like and efficient


  1. Delivers personalized customer experiences efficiently.
  2. Enhances agent productivity with AI-powered insights and suggestions.
  3. Reduces the need for manual sorting and prioritization, increasing team capacity especially during peak volumes.


  1. Customer service is frequently described as non-existent and slow
  2. Pricing can be complex for larger teams with additional features
  3. UI is considered cluttered, making customization and navigation challenging
  4. Steeper learning curve compared to some simpler options
Suite Team $55 /user/month
Suite Growth $89 /user/month
Suite Pro $115 /user/month
Suite Enterprise contact sales
Add on - Advanced AI at $50 per agent/month



Freshdesk, a product of Freshworks, harnesses the power of Freddy AI to offer generative AI enhancements aimed at redefining customer service experiences. Freddy AI leverages the latest in AI technology to automate and enhance customer support tasks, making it easier for businesses to manage their customer service operations effectively.

Key Features

  • Automated Ticket Summaries

  • AI-Powered Rephrasing

  • Solution Article Generator

  • Email Generator

  • Tone Enhancer

  • Message Expansion

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Conversational Knowledge Base


  1. User-friendly interface with easy onboarding and use
  2. Extensive integration options
  3. Scalability for businesses of all sizes
  4. Strong mobile app for agent flexibility


  1. Customization options may be limited compared to some competitors
  2. Limitations in AI language capabilities with accuracy issues.
  3. Can be slow, with ticket loading times and latency occasionally impacting efficiency
  4. Access to certain generative AI features and their full capabilities may vary depending on the chosen plan
Free plan ~
Growth $15 /user/month
Pro $49 /user/month
Enterprise $69 /user/month



Intercom has introduced Fin, an AI-powered chatbot, to support customers in over 45 languages. This chatbot aims to provide natural, conversational support, reducing support volume and resolution times by directly answering customer queries with information controlled by the business, minimizing inaccuracies and hallucinations that are common in AI responses.

Key Features

  • Fin AI Compose::

    Offers capabilities like expanding or rephrasing customer responses, adjusting tone, fixing grammar and spelling mistakes, and translating messages to different languages, ensuring flawless replies tailored to the situation​​.

  • Fin AI Summarize::

    Generates AI-powered summaries of customer conversations or tickets, facilitating quick understanding and action on customer queries​​.

  • Fin AI Autofill::

    Automates the population of ticket titles and descriptions, streamlining the ticket creation process


  1. Improves response times with natural, conversational AI interactions.
  2. AI Compose is good in reducing manual effort required for drafting responses
  3. Enhances customer support with multilingual capabilities, broadening the reach to a global customer base.


  1. Some AI features are only available on certain pricing plans, which may limit access for smaller businesses or those on tighter budgets​​.
  2. The data for Fin AI is currently processed in the US, with plans for regional data processing availability in early 2024, which could be a consideration for businesses with specific data residency requirements.
  3. Longer learning curve
  4. Prominent customer support complaints from users
Essential $39 /user/month
Advanced $99 /user/month
Expert $139 /user/month

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Zoho Desk


Zoho Desk enhances customer service efforts with Zia, an AI-powered assistant, and the integration of generative AI capabilities like ChatGPT. Zia offers a comprehensive suite of features aimed at improving the efficiency and personalization of customer support. The integration with ChatGPT allows Zoho Desk to offer more relevant, convenient, and personalized customer and service team experiences.

Key Features

  • Conversational AI::

    Zia can chat with customers directly from a mobile app or website, suggesting solutions from the Knowledge Base and notifying managers about unresolved topics.

  • Sentiment Analysis::

    Zia evaluates the sentiment behind each ticket, adding context for agents to prioritize and respond effectively.

  • Automated Tagging::

    Zia assigns relevant tags to incoming tickets, helping agents identify and reference past tickets that match their skills.

  • Automated Responses::

    Before an agent begins drafting a response, Zia suggests one based on the ticket's content and Knowledge Base matches.

  • Generative AI with ChatGPT::

    Integrates ChatGPT to maximize self-service potential, offering agents efficient and effective experiences and achieving shorter resolution times.


  1. Scalable and affordable solution for growing businesses
  2. Provides quick and accurate summaries of long messages to save agents' time and expedite responses.
  3. Helps understand customer sentiment for more empathetic and appropriate responses.
  4. Fetches contextual information from the Knowledge Base to consolidate into relevant replies, enhancing ticket management and customer experience.


  1. Customization in Zoho Desk can feel overwhelming due to its extensive options
  2. User interface for the Admin is cumbersome, not very intuitive and requires additional support to navigate
  3. Some features may be complex to set up
  4. Limited customization options in lower-tier plans
  5. Setting up Zoho Desk and migrating data can be time-consuming due to its complexity
Free ~
Standard $14 /user/month
Professional $23 /user/month
Enterprise $40 /user/month



Tidio merges AI capabilities with chatbot functionality to offer businesses, especially SMBs, an advanced tool for automating customer service and enhancing customer interactions. The platform introduces Lyro, a conversational AI chatbot built on powerful AI technology, designed to answer up to 70% of customer questions automatically with a human-like conversational approach.

Key Features

  • AI Phrase Matcher::

    Automatically understands and matches customer queries to provide relevant responses, supporting multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and Greek​​.

  • Customer Questions::

    Utilizes AI to categorize customer inquiries and automate responses, improving efficiency and allowing human agents to focus on complex issues​​.

  • FAQ Wizard::

    Automatically generates chatbots from FAQ content on your website, streamlining the process of addressing repetitive inquiries​​.

  • Reply Assistant::

    Enhances agent-written responses to ensure professionalism and brand consistency using GPT-3.5 technology​​.

  • Smart Views::

    Prioritizes messages based on urgency and customer intent, helping agents to manage and respond to important queries first​.


  1. Builds chatbots quickly with the FAQ Wizard, based on the most common customer questions.
  2. Reply Assistant and Smart Views, ensuring quick prioritization of urgent requests
  3. Affordable pricing based on team size
  4. Easy to learn and use with minimal training needed


  1. Some advanced AI features and the ability to upload data sources via files are only available for Tidio+ subscribers, potentially limiting access for users on free or lower-tier plans.
  2. Reply AI Assistant is not available on the mobile app.
  3. Creating chatbots for multiple language can get messy
  4. Limited 3rd party integrations
Free plan
Starter $29 /user/month
Growth $59 /user/month



Kustomer offers a unified platform for customer service, providing AI-driven insights and omnichannel support. It stands out with its sophisticated AI language models, designed to solve customer issues with accurate, conversational answers, based on the support content provided by businesses.

Key Features

  • KIQ Customer Assist::

    This next-gen AI customer service bot improves customer self-service and agent productivity by delivering conversational answers that are both safe and accurate.

  • AI Responses::

    Automatically resolves customer inquiries using sophisticated AI language models, ensuring conversational and precise support.

  • Intent Detection and Instant Answers::

    Streamlines interactions by identifying customer intents and offering instant solutions, facilitating a more efficient customer support process.

  • Seamless Handoff::

    Allows for smooth transitions from AI to human support, ensuring a consistent and personalized customer service experience.


  1. Personalized customer support at scale with CRM-integrated solutions, improving overall customer satisfaction.
  2. Offers AI-powered automations and analytics


  1. Integration options may be limited compared to other platforms.
  2. Cannot lock Internal knowledge base content behind logins
  3. Chatbot builder lacks a visual or "tree"-like design, making bot creation less intuitive.
  4. Pricing suitable for larger support teams
Enterprise $89 /user/month
Ultimate $139 /user/month

Frequently asked questions

Can AI Customer Support Software integrate with existing business systems?

Yes, most AI Customer Support Software solutions offer robust integration capabilities with existing business systems, such as CRM, ERP, and helpdesk software, allowing for real-time data access and updates to enhance customer interactions.

Does AI Customer Support Software replace human customer service agents?

While AI Customer Support Software automates many routine tasks and can handle common customer questions, it is designed to complement human agents by freeing them to focus on more complex queries, thus enhancing the overall customer service experience.

What are the common challenges with AI in Customer Service?

Common challenges include managing customer expectations, ensuring AI understands complex queries, maintaining up-to-date knowledge bases, and integrating AI seamlessly with existing customer service processes.

Can AI Customer Support Software provide support in multiple languages?

Yes, many AI Customer Support Software solutions such as HappyFox, Zendesk, Intercom offer multilingual support, using NLP to understand and respond in various languages, making it easier to cater to a global customer base.

How does AI Customer Support Software improve over time?

AI Customer Support Software utilizes machine learning to learn from every interaction, continuously improving its responses and efficiency based on customer feedback and new data.

What kind of analytics and insights can AI Customer Support Software provide?

AI Customer Support Software can offer detailed analytics on customer interactions, satisfaction levels, response times, and agent performance, helping businesses make data-driven decisions to improve service quality.

How does AI Customer Support Software integrate with other business tools?

AI Customer Support Software typically offers APIs and integration capabilities with CRM systems, helpdesk software, and other business tools, allowing for seamless data exchange and enhanced customer service workflows.


In conclusion, selecting the right AI customer support software requires careful consideration of your business's specific needs and challenges. With its comprehensive features, customization flexibility, and ease of use, HappyFox offers a powerful solution that not only meets these needs but also anticipates future demands, ensuring businesses remain at the forefront of customer service excellence. Embrace the future of customer support with AI, and consider how tools like HappyFox can transform your customer service operations into a strategic asset for your business.


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