Omnichannel Customer Support Software for the Airline Industry

Improve customer satisfaction by providing stellar customer service before, during and after a flight.

Why is Airline Customer Service Important?

Good customer experience is an essential virtue of any company that deals with people. In the aviation industry, an airline’s performance is judged predominantly by the feel-good factor of its passengers. Customer experiences can make or break an airline’s success and are vital to an airline’s growth.

Nothing will make passengers more confident and comfortable with an airline than having a prompt, stellar customer service. Give your passengers the exceptional customer service they deserve with HappyFox help desk software!

The Omnichannel Approach for Airline Customer Support

Cut costs

Avoid repetitive discussions with your customers and increase the efficiency of your support process through optimized queue management.

Improve customer engagement, drive loyalty

Monitor the buzz about your airline on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Transform your critics into brand ambassadors.

Industry grade analytics

Analyze the volume of tickets through each channel. Gather insights and business intelligence to result in better organizational decision making.

Passengers are always on the move. Make it easy for them to seek assistance – from your support page, on Twitter or on mobile. Unify all customer communication touchpoints into a single interface with HappyFox Help Desk software.

Gauge customer satisfaction and increase retention rates

Hassle-free setup

Set up multiple customer satisfaction surveys is a jiffy. Create your own survey template for every scenario.

Trigger Surveys Automatically

Choose when to send a survey through powerful business rules. Get accurate customer satisfaction ratings using HappyFox’s customizable CSAT scale.

Track trends in satisfaction scores

View real-time reports on customer satisfaction to analyze your team’s performance and find action points to better serve your customers.

Send Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveys at different stages of your customer journey – from buying a ticket to the in-flight experience. Use the feedback received to improve your airline travel experience.

Get complete context about your customers

Contact Management

Get the most relevant information about your customers from Clearbit and FullContact inside your ticket management system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Pamper your frequent flyers, track the customer journey and maintain the ever-important relationship with your passengers through integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

Marketing Campaigns

Launch targeted marketing campaigns, manage your mailing list and track subscribers from within your help desk.

Streamline all available information about your customers in a single place! Get a better context by integrating it with your favorite service provider!

Boost agent productivity for faster resolutions!

Handy Canned Actions

To enable a faster response to your customers’ queries, use existing tickets to create predefined replies (Canned Actions) and maintain consistency.

Smart Auto-Assignment

Reduce the time spent assigning tickets and engage better with your customers through Automatic Ticket Assignment.

Robust SLA Management

If you need to wow your customers, you need to have strict and challenging service level targets and also constantly deliver on them.

Automate every step of your support team’s workflows with HappyFox’s powerful automation suite. Our intuitive help desk interface makes setting up automation quick and easy.

Provide a seamless self-service experience

Powerful Branding

Airline companies can rebrand the self-service module by changing the colors, logo, adding cover images, featuring articles, etc.

Mobile Responsive

Passengers can browse help articles, submit help desk tickets from any device.

Intelligent Search

In-line search suggestions help save time and reduce your ticket inflow, by proactively suggesting articles and forum posts in-line, right on the search bar itself.

Create and publish knowledge base articles, white papers, and FAQs to help your passengers’ self-serve issues by themselves, thereby reducing the load on your support team by deflecting support requests.

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