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‘Globalization’ - The buzzword you hear the most when talking about the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies are expanding and creating hubs in various nations to reduce costs, get closer to their customers, build a stronger customer base and increase profits. But all of this works only when supported by streamlined communications with both the customers and the vendors. This is where HappyFox Manufacturing Industry help desk steps in.

This is where HappyFox Manufacturing Industry help desk steps in. Create tickets for all your communications, categorize and view them based on your requirement and be known for awesome customer support and vendor management

Manufacturing Industries
Help desk software for manufacturing industries

Customer support

Reduce the investment on resources monitoring mailboxes for customer support issues. HappyFox is a multi-channel help desk that can handle requests via mail, phone and live chat, convert them into tickets and categorize them based on your requirement. Use the innovative search feature to find your priority tickets, mark them and resolve them immediately.

customer support software for manufacturing industry
Communicate and collaborate with vendors with HappyFox help desk software

Communication with vendors and industry suppliers

Parts being flown from Germany? Technology from Japan? Design from Sweden? With the multilingual Happyfox help desk, track all these orders, manage all vendor and supplier communication by creating tickets and updating them with the current status information. Add private notes to internally discuss issues. HappyFox manufacturing helpdesk makes sure all your communication is handled from a single intuitive interface.

Track and solve issues on products

When shipping parts, there are going to be repairs, returns, damages etc. When your partners mail you mentioning such issues, HappyFox help desk stores these issues as actionable tickets in the system that your staff can look into and do the needful for replacement/repair. Cluttered inboxes and huge excel sheets of data are so yesterday. HappyFox is the new way to work.

Track and solve manufacturing product issues with HappyFox help desk
Track and solve manufacturing product issues with HappyFox help desk

Manage sales, leads and opportunities

Consolidating your sales prospects and providing good partner enablement is no easy task. Create tickets for all your sales prospects, update them with regular progress and have your employees follow up on them with ease. Save time spent on keeping notes and sales details, by viewing them all on one easy-to-use help desk screen.

Customer contacts and information

B2B sales is primarily dependent on knowing your customers better. HappyFox provides comprehensive contact management so you never have to go searching for numbers or email addresses of your contacts. With useful CRM integrations, enable seamless flow of information between your favorite CRMs and HappyFox and provide personalized customer service.

Manufacturing industries manage customer contacts with HappyFox help desk software
Manage industry department communication with HappyFox help desk software

Handle inter-departmental collaboration

When handling a large skilled labor force, there will be internal issues ranging from IT to admin services to resolve as well. Centralize all these issues on the HappyFox help desk, assign it to the teams that need to resolve the same and ensure business continuity. Use HappyFox community forums to initiate discussions amongst teams and simplify internal support.

Facility Management

HappyFox is the perfect help desk for facility management. When employees are looking for services/facilities inside the company, create HappyFox tickets for all of them, have a dedicated team to handle their requests and reduce the communication gaps and time delays.

Manage industry facility management with HappyFox help desk system

Knowledge base and FAQ

HappyFox also comes equipped with a fully functional knowledge base and FAQ system where you can store procedures and methods for your employees to refer to. It also doubles as a customer self service portal where your customers and partners can get their questions answered without having to reach out to
your support team.

Knowledgebase FAQ software for manufacturing industries

Monthly plans start from $29 a month

Help desk Integration

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