Rapid developments in technology and constantly changing industry imperatives relative to clients' business needs are impacting how information technology product and service providers equip themselves to engage with customers, partners and collaborate internally.

HappyFox help desk and customer support software helps IT and ITES companies deliver outstanding product support as well as professional services with ease through must-have features like multi-channel capabilities, forums, knowledge base and tickets and SLA management

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HappyFox IT help desk ticketing software

Manage customer support and SLAs

The most essential parameter for an IT service enterprise is to respond to the client on time. With the HappyFox IT help desk, get periodic notification about ticket updates, ticket expiry dates, etc., so that your SLAs are never breached and your clients are consistently getting their issues resolved on time.

Manage customer support and SLAs
manage SLA's using HappyFox IT help desk software
centralize support request using HappyFox IT help desk

Centralize and manage requests across your customer base

As an enterprise with a large client base, handling large volumes of incoming issues can no longer be done using a simple mailbox. This requires a centralized system that can host all the incoming issues, organize them and manage each issue individually based on priority. HappyFox allows you to gather all the tickets and enable smooth task management.

Collaborate and communicate with field technicians

When there multiple field technicians at various levels of the workforce, the distribution of work becomes dynamic. Timely permits and approvals are required at different intervals of the process. The HappyFox IT Service desk helps you manage such complex networks by allowing technicians to raise tickets that you can respond to, thereby bringing strong internal collaboration and eliminating any chances of a potential communication gap.

When resolving tickets, having to discuss internally between agents can also become quite a task. With the HappyFox private notes feature, your staff can add private notes while transferring tickets, so other staff can refer and take it forward from there or share inputs.

Knowledge base for self-service

Use the HappyFox knowledge base software to provide information to your customers and staff so that they can gain expertise on managing their assets. Enable them to create tickets for your agents when in need of urgent information.

self service knowledge base for IT services

Manage projects, tasks and staff performance

HappyFox help desk reporting of tickets helps you in planning, scheduling, resource allocation and collaboration for your projects and tasks, while also providing visibility into staff and support process performance through dashboards and drill down analytics. Thus with reporting and task management taken care of, your employers are free to take care of other business challenges.

Remote Support Software for IT

When providing IT support, it sometimes demands that you need access to a customer’s computer for checking the issue completely. You no longer have to move from your desk to provide this service. LogMeIn Remote support integration on HappyFox, lets you access computers from a remote location so that you can get a better idea of issues and fix them faster.

Remote Support Software for IT
Use smart rules to automate your IT help desk

Automate tasks and manage internal tech support

Using Smart Rules on HappyFox, your company can automate repetitive tasks, thus saving a huge chunk of time and efforts spent. Internal tech support is also simplified as dedicated teams can now respond to tickets raised for tech support, instead of having to go for direct telephone or mail communication and follow up on them.

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