Webinar: Essential Helpdesk Metrics Behind Great Customer Support

Do you know how many
tickets went unresolved in the
past week?
Do you know who among your
support staff is the fastest to respond
and quickest to close tickets?
Do you know how many agents
you would need in another 3-6
months as your business grows?

At a time when offering exceptional customer service
is considered a strategic advantage for businesses, it
is imperative for each involved individual to understand
what numbers testify their performance and how that
influences the business.

To make sense of your existing support proceedings
you need to be able to identify and improve the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

In this webinar you will see how help desk staff, support managers and executives alike can use help desk reports and tools to improve their customer support performance collectively.


Key Takeaways

  • Metrics that help easily & efficiently solve
    customer issues and drive support decisions.

  • Metrics that help manage staff, remove
    constraints and improve performance
    (Quality Assurance).

  • Metrics that help manage teams and
    optimize support process.

Learn About

  • Importance of Help Desk Metrics

  • Setting up Key Performance Indicators at various
    support process levels

  • How to Measure, Analyse and gain actionable
    insights from the metrics

  • How to further optimize and improve support process

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