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6 reasons why HappyFox Knowledge base wins over traditional FAQ
  1. Let users type their exact question than trying to look for it in a book full of questions. Imagine using Yahoo Directory instead Google Search.
  2. The first question on your FAQ was not really the top asked question, with new knowledge base that’s automatic. A big win for your customers.

  1. Auto-Suggest: Guide them as they help themselves
  2. Provide a more structured index
  3. Make it easy to share it over social media
  4. Let them tell you if the answer is actually useful!

From staff to help desk user and everything in-between

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Easy to manage role based knowledge base software

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Your content: Article and section

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Search and auto-suggest index

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Your customized colors and logo

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Customer experience of your Knowledge Base

Customer Self-help vs Internal Knowledge retention

Manage both external help pages and internal knowledge using a single knowledge base software.

External For customers, indexed by search engines and can be restricted to customers with a valid help desk login

Internal Strictly for internal documentation, accessible only to help desk staff members

External knowledge base software for commonly asked FAQ's by your customers
Internal knowledge base software for internal team knowledge management

A Comprehensive Knowledge Base SoftwareHappyFox lets you create articles and sections, embed images/videos in them and provides your customers and staff a really easy-to-use knowledge base CMS system.

create tickets and access knowledge base with help desk support portal
collect employee satisfaction survey using HappyFox feedback system

In-line search suggestionsWhen your customers or staff type into the search bar to search for information on the support center or while they type the subject for creating a new ticket, HappyFox automatically generates suggestions of related knowledge base articles and forum posts, so that you can directly refer to them and have your issue resolved easily. This intuitive feature helps save time and reduces your ticket inflow, by proactively suggesting articles and forum posts in-line, right on the search bar itself.

manage and organize common support staff and customer questions on a centralized knowledge base

Knowledge management softwareOur Knowledge management software enables your customers find solutions for common issues by referring to the knowledge base articles and FAQ, without having to raise a ticket. You can also create an internal knowledge base for your staff to access articles that facilitate quicker resolution of issues.

Use the search option to find relevant articles and view articles related to that topic, listed on the side. See top articles and most useful articles on the homepage for quick reference without having to search for them.

The learning curve for our support team was as easy as it could have been.

Matt Pendergraff,

PDG Creative

Knowledge Base On-the-goMake life even simpler for your customers and staff by letting them access the knowledge base from their mobiles.

The responsive HappyFox mobile interface allows your customers and staff to access all the knowledge base articles right from their mobile so that they can receive support on the go and also save the time taken to reach out to your agents.

Access support center and knowledge base on your mobile devices
customize your help desk support portal matching your companies branding.

Knowledge base CustomizationHave your company's own identity on the Support Center pages by customizing the header color to match your corporate theme. Include your own logo, add additional links and change colors of the support center page. Pick a content layout for your Support Center home page that best suits your KB content structure.

Add relevant tags to your KB articles so that your customers and staff have to just search using the tag in the search bar to view all KB articles tagged under a specific topic. Use the support center Announcement Banner to display all your crucial announcements Add SEO friendly URLs to your knowledge base and increase visibility and the value of your knowledge base.

Social Sharing and feedbackNow let your customers give you feedback on whether the knowledge base article was helpful to them.
In fact, if they like it a lot, they can now share the help on social media to all their friends and colleagues with just the click of a button.

Now share articles in your knowledge base across various social networks
Embed customer support widget on your website

Easily accessible knowledge baseAllow your customers to access your knowledge base using a simple widget on your website. Embed the support widget to your website, add a link to your knowledge base and give your customers the freedom to resolve issues on their own by looking into your knowledge base with minimal effort.

Global reach with the multilingual knowledge baseIf your customers are from various geographies and speak many languages, it is only fair that you provide self-service in the language of their choice. With HappyFox’s multilingual knowledge base, you can create articles in over 14 different languages. Give your customers and support agents the freedom to switch to any language with a simple toggle button.

Global reach with the multilingual knowledge base

Knowledge Base Software with Analytics

See how your Knowledge base performs in real-time. Learn from consumer feedback to direct customer queries to the right answers. Integrate with popular SaaS solutions like Google Analytics to garner deeper insights.

Now share articles in your knowledge base across various social networks
Knowledge Base

Proactive Ticket Deflections See how your Knowledge base performs in real-time. Learn from consumer feedback to direct customer queries to the right answers. Integrate with popular SaaS solutions like Google Analytics to garner deeper insights.

Supplement Article Content with Attachments As a Content Manager, you might want to share some downloadable files along with your articles to provide detailed presentations or case studies. Drag & Drop files into KB articles for customers to download!

Knowledge Base

Powerful Rich Text Editor for Impeccable Content With a wide variety of formatting options, you can structure and optimize your article to keep your audience always engaged at all times. Insert inline images, embed videos, and manage your Support Center content with our simple to use editor.

Knowledge Base

Encourage Team Collaboration through “Drafts” Save Work-in-progress articles as drafts and deliberate on them with other agents in your help desk software.

Knowledge Base

Tag articles for quick access and categorization Group similar content with helpful article "Tags" to make them easily discoverable. Tag and categorize articles for quick searching and indexing.

Knowledge Base

Maintain Multi-branded Knowledge bases Need a separate knowledge base for each product or sub-division in your organization? You can add, customize, and maintain individual Knowledge bases for each of them and manage them from a single portal.

Knowledge Base

Enhance Search Engine Discoverability HappyFox Knowledge management software allows you to embed meta tags, meta descriptions, and titles to boost indexing capabilities in search engines like Google.

Knowledge Base

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