What’s an Internal Knowledge Base?

An internal knowledge base is a central repository of information where your employees can create and search for internal documentation about support processes, projects, work items, or products. You can think of it as an internal FAQ or Wiki for your organization. Stuck on crucial troubleshooting? Need more details about company information? Perform a quick search in your internal knowledge base.

HappyFox internal help desk knowledge base management software

Typical internal knowledge bases will contain information about your company’s products, new employee onboarding process, support workflows, and more. The content is represented in entities called “Knowledge base articles”. They are usually presented in a hierarchical fashion, so that knowledge management is straightforward. Most internal knowledge bases also come with powerful search capabilities, making it easier for team members to quickly search and find relevant information.

When it comes to unifying all of your internal information in a single place, nobody does this better than HappyFox. HappyFox empowers modern teams to create robust internal company knowledge bases that grow and improve over time, making sure support agents always have ready access to the information they need.

Internal knowledge base improves the customer support process

HappyFox internal help desk knowledge base management software

Faster onboarding

Onboard new agents faster and streamline internal knowledge sharing better with a comprehensive internal KB

HappyFox internal help desk knowledge base management software

Increased Agent Efficiency

Help your team find answers to questions quickly and focus on what matters — their work.

Internal Knowledge Base

Shorter Customer Wait times

The more comprehensive an internal knowledge base is, the more educated a support agent is, and this leads to a quicker resolution.

Stay ahead of the curve with the HappyFox Advantage

Reduce organizational silos and ensure a smooth flow of interdepartmental information sharing.

Create Beautiful, Easily Digestible Content

Format internal knowledge base articles with rich text content in the form of videos, images, or attachments.

Internal Knowledge Base
Internal Knowledge Base

Powerful Search Functionality

Get readers to relevant content faster with an intelligent internal knowledge base search support.

Source Articles from Agent Responses

Convert agent responses to internal articles with only a few clicks.

Internal Knowledge Base
Internal Knowledge Base

Curate articles for a multi-lingual workspace

Create articles in multiple languages and keep your translations up to date for your internal usage.

Superior Access control for better information security

Ensure the different team gets easy access to the information they’re
entitled to.

Internal Knowledge Base
Internal Knowledge Base

Manage multi-product content architecture.

Manage multi-product content in one place and de-clutter through proper categorization.

Looking for an External Knowledge Base Solution?

HappyFox also doubles up as an external knowledge base software with a fully customizable support center that’s SEO ready, mobile responsive, and optimized for social media sharing.

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