Multilingual Help Desk

Provide seamless customer support globally with HappyFox multilingual help desk software

A multilingual help desk software to support your customers in more than 35 languages.

Are you an enterprise with a global business model or a regional office in a non-English speaking country? You need a help desk that will suit every customer's needs.

HappyFox is a global help desk that talks 35 languages offering a complete package of multilingual support.

A Help Desk that speaks your language Whether your company is a multinational media giant or a global hi-tech service provider, HappyFox can give your support staff the freedom to view the help desk in the language of their choice. Provide hassle-free customer support in the language that suits your work best.
With HappyFox, overcome language compatibility issues and deliver hassle-free multilingual customer service.

Simplify support with top-notch email parsing Tired of your current help desk that cannot display your customer queries if they are not in English? HappyFox has gone the extra mile to build exemplary email parsing capabilities into the help desk. No matter what language your customer replies in, HappyFox can display all languages accurately.

Multilingual support for knowledge base articles HappyFox extends its multilingual setup to knowledge base articles as well. Reduce the hassles of your support agents and customers in manually translating articles. Upload knowledge base articles in a host of languages and let your customers obtain resolutions to issues in the language of their choice.

The list of languages we support: English, Deutsche, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Swedish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Hindi, Romanian, Albanian, Greek, Slovenian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Danish, Serbian, Polish, Thai, Croatian, Lithuanian, Hebrew, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese Italian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Is your language missing from the list? Contact us today and we'll make sure HappyFox speaks your language too!

HappyFox is a multilingual, global help desk letting you talk to your customers in their native language. Supporting 35 languages, the list is only growing