Why HappyFox BI?

Your customer support data is Gold. Have you really mined it?

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Stretch your Service Desk Insights

HappyFox Reports cater to the general audience. But, HappyFox BI aids you in building just the exact insights you need.

HappyFox BI

Build your own Reports & Dashboards

You can build fully customizable reports from scratch by choosing the data and visualizations you want.

HappyFox BI

Collaborate with the team

Build dashboards and bring as many team members to the platform.

HappyFox BI

Reduce Manual steps

No need to export data to build reports in spreadsheets. HappyFox BI integrates with HappyFox service desk & allows you to do the same & more, with lesser steps.

HappyFox BI

Wait no more. HappyFox BI is here!

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