HappyFox BI for Advanced
Customer Support Insights

Gather data that is specific to your business needs and improve customer support with new insights.

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Measure, Analyze & Improve

Create your own drill-downs to plunge into helpdesk data. Choose the visualizations you like & share it with the people who can make a difference.

Happyfox BI integration

Integrate with Helpdesk Data

HappyFox BI automatically syncs with your HappyFox helpdesk account and pulls your latest customer support data. Zendesk integration is coming soon.

Build Industry Specific Dashboards

No matter the industry, HappyFox BI supports slicing and dicing of data!

  • IT Service
  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Travel
HappyFox BI IT service
HappyFox BI Ecommerce
HappyFox BI Education service
HappyFox BI Travel service

Find answers to vital questions

We help you build dashboards to gather key insights that your helpdesk is not providing today.

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