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Bring your teams together by using
Asana + Service Desk integration, and streamline your IT service management processes.

Asana is a work management application that helps teams organize, track, and manage their day-to-day tasks. By integrating Asana with the Service desk, different teams within an organization can collaborate more easily and have better visibility into the tasks they are working on. This streamlines the processes and breaks down silos between teams, ultimately resulting in faster service delivery and achieving business goals.

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  • Easy Collaboration and Effective Teamwork

    Service Desk + Asana integration provides a platform where IT teams can easily collaborate and communicate with other teams. This helps teams to bridge gaps, minimize errors, and deliver better services to employees, ultimately achieving greater business outcomes.

  • Real-Time Visibility on Tasks and Their Progress

    IT agents will have complete visibility into the tasks and their progress, allowing them to resolve issues more swiftly and provide real-time updates to employees, resulting in faster response times and better employee satisfaction.

  • Improved Productivity and Maximized Efficiency

    Service Desk streamlines IT service management processes and project management, helping your IT team to reduce manual repetitive tasks and follow-ups, and focus on higher-level tasks, resulting in increased productivity and team efficiency.

Create Asana Tasks from Service Desk

  • Quickly create a new Asana task or link existing ones to tickets.
  • Agents can efficiently manage tasks and their priorities by routing the tickets to specific workspaces or projects in Asana based on the severity and nature of the ticket.
  • In addition, agents can update key task information directly within Service Desk without having to switch between applications.

Complete Visibility of the Task within the Service Desk

  • Agents can access key task information, such as project, task, status, due date, assignee, and tags, directly within the tickets.
  • Quickly navigate to the associated task in Asana using the hyperlinks.

Sync Task Comments, Updates, and Automate Ticket Closure

  • Customize the two-way synchronization of task comments and ticket updates based on your needs.
  • Ability to automatically close tickets in Service Desk once the corresponding task is marked complete.

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