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Integrate PagerDuty with HappyFox Service desk.

PagerDuty is an incident response management platform that enables IT teams to gain real-time updates on incidents by consolidating information from various monitoring systems. This helps IT teams prevent and resolve business-impacting incidents more effectively. Integrating PagerDuty with Service Desk provides IT support agents with a centralized, unified view, allowing them to track and respond to support tickets quickly and effectively.

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  • Enhanced Transparency across Teams

    IT Support agents will have a centralized, unified view within the Service Desk to track all the activities related to an incident, improving the visibility.

  • Faster Response Times

    With all the key incident-related information within the Service Desk, IT Support agents can quickly respond to the end-users, resulting in faster incident response times.

  • Better Team Collaboration

    Support Agents can collaborate seamlessly across Engineering, Operations, DevOps, and Security teams to proactively triage and manage issues, leading to a better service or support experience.

Create PagerDuty Incidents From Service Desk Tickets

Easily create incidents in PagerDuty directly from Service Desk tickets. Leverage Service Desk’s Smart Rules Automation to automatically create and link incidents to support tickets.

View Contextual Incident Details within Service Desk Tickets

Track all the incident-related updates in PagerDuty, like timelines, notes, assignees, and status changes, directly within the Service Desk tickets.

Take Quick Actions on Incidents within Service Desk Tickets

Support agents can take actions like Acknowledge, Run Response Play, Add Notes, Re-Assign, Add Responders, and Add Status Updates over Incidents without leaving Service Desk.


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