“Management of tickets can’t get easier.”

- James Powell. Director, FatcatIT

Fat Cat It

Information technology & Services

FatcatIT is a new IT company in the North East of England, specialising in proactive and reactive IT support to SME’s.

James Powell, Director at FatcatIT speaks on how his team uses HappyFox to stay true to its commitment of providing the best in IT support to all its customers.


With our current solution it wasn’t possible to track key areas such as response time or time to resolution, both of which our customers continue to monitor. We needed to find a system that gave us the ability to manage both our time now but also the information required for us to be able to effectively anticipate our busier periods and put additional staff in place at key times.

Why HappyFox?

  • Beautiful design
  • Simplicity
  • Easy to use for our customers and for us
  • Ability to customize is straightforward
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One of my key clients is now receiving 95% of support tickets being responded to within 2 hours. They are impressed! This is something I have not been able to demonstrate before.


We use HappyFox tech support software to manage support requests from customers. In addition to providing an efficient and effective response package it has allowed us to quantify the results of our efforts, which are presentable in black and white to our customers.

Results & Benefits

Management of support tickets couldn’t be easier. We are committed to ensuring that 100% of our requests for assistance are now recorded using HappyFox which means that we have a complete overview of both current and future work.

Our experience

Our experience with HappyFox IT support software has been ‘Happy’ over all. The turn around time with which the HappyFox team responds to all our queries is excellent.

Our customers have also rated HappyFox to be a lot easier to use than the previous solution we had.