A provider of different online courses, Accelerate Education aims to increase educational opportunities for students in grades K-12. In addition to curriculum support, it also offers hosting, instruction and training for schools.


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Joe Runciman, online course developer at Accelerate Education tells us why good customer support is an important part of his business and how the transition to HappyFox help desk system has made a difference.


With a flurry of incoming support requests, keeping our support inbox organized turned out to be an arduous task. We needed a system that could help us resolve this and address requests in a more efficient manner.

Why HappyFox?

Highly customizable A user friendly tool Easy access to essential information


HappyFox converted all incoming emails to different mail boxes as tickets belonging to different categories. The ability to assign tickets to specific users automatically helped organize and monitor the entire support process. This also made it easier to keep a track of individual customer issues and the time it to took to resolve each one of them.

Results & Benefits

Employees have spent lesser time responding to customer requests thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the support team. Our customers are happy with the improved turn around times and the increase in customer satisfaction rate is a reflection of this.

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HappyFox added a level of clarity and convenience to an otherwise overwhelming support load.

Joe Runciman

Online course developer

Our experience

HappyFox has increased our efficiency as a team. The combination of user-friendliness and high customization which HappyFox provides has reaped us many benefits.

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