allura printing inc. provides commercial and book printing to leading brands, publishers and self-published authors


Commercial Services

Founded in 2006 by second generation printers, David and René Gagnon, allura provides a wide range of printing options that include: offset, digital, large format, packaging and perfect bound (soft cover) book printing. Customers select allura for short to medium-run print work, a high level of personal attention and a passion for high quality printing. David Gagnon, President and CMO of allura printing inc. talks about how Happyfox helped streamline their operations process and managing their print job statuses.


A printing project involves many stages from the initial order, pre-press, press, binding, finishing, and final delivery. Our challenge was to bring more structure to the organization of information, managing resources (staff and equipment), and tracking the progress of a project at each of its stages.


We need a tool to keep our clients up-to-date on the progress of their projects. We were looking for a centralized system to help us manage both printing projects and customer support.

Why HappyFox?

Simplicity Easy configuration Great tracking and management tool


We use HappyFox not just to manage customers inquiries, but also as an internal job ticket management system that helps us manage and track the status of our print jobs. HappyFox help desk has helped us streamline collaboration between our operations and sales team. Keeping our clients updated on the status of a project has never been easier.

Results & Benefits

Thanks to HappyFox, we have moved from using a production board to a ticketing system which enables us to keep track of projects anywhere, anytime. Every job goes into HappyFox, so as a tracking and management tool, it helps us 100% of the time and never lets us down. This also means that when a customer wants to know the status of a job, we have the answer at our fingertips. allura® is a registered trademark of allura printing inc.

allura cover

Every job goes into HappyFox, so as a tracking and management tool, it helps us 100% of the time and never lets us down.

David Gagnon


Our experience

The software and the people behind it are great. We really like the clutter free user interface and the color codes that help us identify the status of a job in a jiffy. All it takes is two clicks to change the status of a job. HappyFox help desk is now an integral part of how we manage our business and operations everyday. HappyFox helps us take the pulse of our business.

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