Founded in 1769, Dartmouth University is a prestigious Ivy League research institution located in Hanover, New Hampshire. It has a total enrollment of 6,744 students, supported by 943 academic staff and 3,266 administrative staff, emphasizing a strong commitment to providing high-quality education and maintaining a close-knit community.




Dartmouth needed to streamline the management of facilities repairs and asset management through a more integrated servive management platform. They faced inefficiencies due to manual coordination, and a system that led to disorganization, accountability, and collaboration challenges.


By implementing HappyFox, Dartmouth improved workflows and user experiences for facilities management. Key features that help them included asset management, custom workflows, automated work order system, task management, and advanced reporting.

Results & Benefits

The adoption of HappyFox led to substantial cost reductions, improved response times, and decreased staff workload. Dartmouth's experience illustrates HappyFox's impact in transforming service and asset management processes, showcasing its efficiency and effectiveness in enhancing operational workflows.

Dartmouth Result

Transitioning to HappyFox was transformative, streamlining our workflow and expediting response times for facilities-related repairs. With top-notch customer service, we enthusiastically recommend HappyFox for asset and service management optimization.

Justin Gere

Manager, IT Operations
Dartmouth University

Why HappyFox?

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Our experience

Dartmouth's utilization of HappyFox has been a testament to the platform's ability to redefine service and asset management, offering unparalleled efficiency and collaboration across teams. Further, the enhanced online portal that allows students, faculty, and staff to easily submit and track their requests in real-time has been game changing to elevate user experience. This improvement not only streamlined the submission process but also provided transparent updates on the status of their requests, significantly enhancing the overall user satisfaction and engagement with the campus facilities services.

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