Medipulse, a leading tertiary care hospital in Western Rajasthan, aimed to optimize hospital operations, including patient feedback management, interdepartmental communication, and staff leaves and attendance.

To achieve this, they chose HappyFox, a helpdesk ticketing system, that which offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance the patient experience and streamline internal processes.


To address operational challenges and improve overall hospital efficiency, Medipulse sought a centralized solution that could help:

  • Efficiently manage patient feedback and concerns.
  • Streamline interdepartmental communication and collaboration.
  • Simplify leaves and attendance management as well as employee onboarding and off boarding.
  • Optimize resource allocation and asset management.
  • Register department complaints and give data analysis as per the NABH policies.

Why HappyFox?

Simple and intuitive user-interface Smart automation rules


Medipulse implemented the HappyFox helpdesk ticketing system, focusing on the following features:

  • Ticket Fields: Custom ticket fields allowed Medipulse to collect relevant information from patients and staff. This improved triaging, ensuring faster resolutions and better prioritization of tasks.
  • Business Intelligence: HappyFox's built-in analytics and reporting capabilities enabled Medipulse to track key performance indicators (KPIs), monitor trends, and identify areas for improvement. This facilitated data-driven decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Task Templates: Medipulse used HappyFox's task templates to create standardized workflows for common tasks, streamlining interdepartmental collaboration, reducing redundancies, and improving overall efficiency.
  • Asset Management: The Asset Management feature helped Medipulse track and manage hospital equipment and resources. By monitoring asset usage and maintenance needs, Medipulse could optimize resource allocation and minimize downtime.
  • Knowledge Base: Medipulse leveraged HappyFox's knowledge base to create an internal repository of guidelines, protocols, and best practices. This central hub of information empowered staff members to access critical information quickly, improving patient care.
  • Workflows: The Workflow Management feature enabled Medipulse to automate routine processes, such as patient feedback routing and staff leave approvals. This reduced manual intervention and improved operational efficiency.

Results & Benefits

Implementing HappyFox has yielded the following benefits for Medipulse:

  • Improved patient feedback resolution time by 60%.
  • Increased interdepartmental communication efficiency by 50%.
  • Enhanced staff leave and attendance management by 70%.
  • Optimized asset utilization, resulting in a 45% reduction in equipment downtime.
  • Streamlined access to critical information, leading to better-informed decisions and improved patient care.
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By leveraging HappyFox's comprehensive features, Medipulse has successfully enhanced hospital operations and patient experience. The helpdesk ticketing system has enabled the hospital to efficiently manage feedback, improve interdepartmental communication, optimize resource allocation, and streamline internal processes, reinforcing Medipulse's commitment to exceptional patient care and service.

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