Minnetronix is a pioneering medical technology company specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative medical devices and solutions. With a commitment to advancing healthcare through technology, Minnetronix partners with a diverse range of clients in the medical industry.




Minnetronix utilized Spiceworks as their support solution for over five years. However, limitations in its user interface and feature set prompted the search for a more robust alternative. Key requirements included:

  • Need for Automation: To streamline processes and expedite issue resolution
  • Need for Comprehensive Knowledge Base: To empower internal teams
  • Need for Customizable Workflows: To optimize support operations and ensure efficient ticket management


After conducting thorough research, Minnetronix discovered HappyFox, drawn by its user-friendly interface and extensive features. The HappyFox team provided expert guidance, facilitating:

  • Seamless migration of essential data from their legacy system.
  • Configuration of customized workflows aligned with Minnetronix's specific requirements.

Results & Benefits

Implementing HappyFox transformed Minnetronix's support operations, yielding significant benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency

Automation, streamlined workflows, and a centralized knowledge base led to faster ticket resolution and reduced agent workload.

Improved User Experience

The platform's intuitive design promotes effortless navigation for both support agents and employees.

Cross-Departmental Impact

Teams in IT, HR, Finance, Quality, Engineering, and Manufacturing leveraged the platform extensively, optimizing processes across the organization.

Minnetronix Result

We appreciate HappyFox's collaborative team and the platform's adaptability. This flexibility has been essential in tailoring the solution to our evolving support requirements.

Tiffany Erdall

Systems Administrator, Minnetronix

Why HappyFox?

Intuitive Design Advanced Features Exceptional Support Commitment to Innovation

Our experience

The transition to HappyFox has brought about a transformation at Minnetronix, significantly boosting productivity and streamlining workflows. HappyFox's customization options and smart rules have proven instrumental in optimizing support processes, leading to heightened levels of employee satisfaction. Moreover, HappyFox's prompt and effective customer service further solidifies its value proposition, ensuring that Minnetronix's needs are addressed swiftly.

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