Rockhurst is a Catholic, Jesuit university serving 3,000 students in the business and cultural heart of Kansas City.


Education and Training

RU has been consistently ranked among the top regional universities in the Midwest by U.S. News and World Report. It is a comprehensive university that offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate programs taught by nationally recognized faculty.


We had no support solution, just a basic online form and excel spreadsheets. This required too much manual data entry and reporting, and there was a definite lack of communication, client dissatisfaction and frustration, propelling us to search out a service platform.


Our goal was to find a solution that:

  • Reduced time dedicated to manual data entry by our production coordinator.
  • Reduced paper and the chance that a physical job jacket would be lost.
  • Allow clients to log in and see regular updates without the need to directly contact a representative from our team.
  • Allow for a more customizable job request form.
  • Integrated well with Microsoft Outlook and Slack.
  • Offered a seamless job process from start to finish.


HappyFox is primarily implemented for our university for the Public Relations & Marketing departments. Smooth process for setup and easily customizable as you go. We've started bringing clients into the fold to test how it all works on their end, then refined from there. We are very happy with the ticket submission and email threading, as email is our main channel of support. Some of our favorite features are customer service and tech support, email integration, ticket statuses, custom form fields, and Javascript customization.

Results & Benefits

Assigning of jobs is easy. Easy to track progress and keep each other in loop. The Public Relations & Marketing, Admissions, and Advancement departments are successfully utilizing HappyFox, and we plan to roll it out to the whole University in the near future.

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Several teams are successfully utilizing HappyFox, and we plan to roll it out to the whole University in the near future.

Jeremiah Barber

Web Development Director at Rockhurst University

Our experience

We were very impressed with HappyFox, and it was their customer service, tech support and robust features that made them an easy choice, and it’s going very well. The customer service there at HappyFox is excellent. Leo is a rockstar. We would absolutely recommend them to our colleagues and business acquaintances.

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