Baremetrics & HappyFox: Revenue Analytics
within your Help Desk

Baremetrics is an analytics platform that is primarily built for subscription analytics and insights.

Does reaching out to your billing team cause delays in responding to customer queries?

Integrate Baremetrics with HappyFox and access revenue analytics within your helpdesk. Better billing support using relevant information at your fingertips.

  • Simplify internal communication with your billing teams.
  • View subscription data and revenue details of your customers from Baremetrics.
  • Access this information on ticket detail pages and on the new-ticket form.

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Why Baremetrics?

Baremetrics provides dozens of valuable, actionable analytics and customer insights for subscription businesses.

Baremetrics Integration
Baremetrics Integration

Revenue Analytics within your Help Desk

  • Know your customer’s active subscriptions to provide better support.
  • Use details such as lifetime value, monthly recurring revenue, customer-since to understand your customer’s portfolio.
  • Prioritise requests using the revenue information from Baremetrics.
  • Access the customer’s detailed Baremetrics profile using the pop-out link from HappyFox.

Improve your response times and boost your customer satisfaction metrics.