Chargify & HappyFox - Efficient Recurring
Billing Support

Chargify is a subscription billing software service that provides recurring billing and subscription management.

Integrate Chargify with HappyFox - Improve your response times while offering billing support View subscription details from Chargify right within the ticket while answering customer queries.

  • View live subscription data from Chargify for your customers.
  • Access subscription information on ticket detail pages and on new-ticket form.
  • Minimize dependency on your billing department while answering billing related queries!

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Why Chargify?

By simplifying recurring billing and subscription management, Chargify eliminates billing concerns and helps SaaS and Web 2.0 companies concentrate more on their business.

Chargify Integration
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Improved Billing Support

  • Know your customer’s subscriptions to provide better contextual support.
  • Leverage details about subscription price, net revenue etc., to help prioritise requests.
  • Use quick-access links to Chargify for accessing in-depth information about subscriptions.

Don’t keep your customers waiting - avoid back and forths between your internal teams to ensure timely responses.