SmartSignin - Your easy Single Sign-on companion for HappyFox

SmartSignin provides the most secure Single Sign-On and Identity & Access Management solution with SAML Authentication for the cloud

Experience the power of being able to access HappyFox and a host of applications using just one single login ID

With the SmartSignin integration on HappyFox, all you will need is a SmartSignin login ID and password to access all your applications

  • Many services. One password. With LDAP.
  • SAML Authentication for safe authorization
  • Robust security and privacy
  • No need to remember multiple IDs and passwords
  • Easy to change access for employees

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Why SmartSignin?

SmartSignin and HappyFox both share the same ideals - Simplifying work. This integration makes your login simple and your customer service even simpler.

Manage HappyFox customer support software on SmartLogIn with SSO integration
Smartsignin SAML based Single-Sign-on
  • Eliminate the extra time spent on resetting forgotten passwords, answering security questions and sending out mails
  • Improve efficiency by connecting multiple apps without having to enter a password for accessing them each time

Start simplifying all your work with this useful SSO Active Directory integration for HappyFox