FreshBooks & HappyFox - Help desk Invoicing duo

FreshBooks is a leading online invoicing and time tracking service that saves time and makes for painless billing

Are you a services company that bills your customer by the hour for support requests?

With this integration, you can time track a complete project and easily convert the tracked time into an invoice.

  • Map your HappyFox tickets to FreshBooks projects
  • Log time spent on your HappyFox ticket
  • Have that time linked to your Freshbook project
  • Keep time logs synchronized between both accounts
  • Invoice for time spent on a ticket from the ticket screen

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Why FreshBooks?

FreshBooks has made billing extremely easy for small businesses, just the way we did with our customer support. We want both our customers to have that seamless experience.

online time tracking help desk software.

An invoicing solution that gives a fresh approach to tracking time spent:

  • HappyFox displays a set of pertinent tasks for the project to log your time spent.
  • Data about time spent continuously updated into FreshBooks and can be viewed from the Timesheet option.

Respond promptly to tickets, track the time spent and invoice for the same. With this easy help desk & invoicing solution.