Nicereply - Customer satisfaction is just a link away

Nicereply is a customer satisfaction analytics tool that allows you to gather customer feedback in a simple manner.

When motivational speeches are not enough to support your employees, let hard data do the talking

Nicereply lets you get individual rating and feedback from customers.

  • No need of any complicated installation
  • Copy-paste a link in your reply to get feedback
  • Get detailed statistics for each support employee
  • Use the stats for performance reviews and improve quality of support
  • Identify your most satisfied and least satisfied customers

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Why Nicereply?

Nicereply on HappyFox empowers customers to better their support process with periodic feedback.

Create online customer satisfaction survey on your help desk
measure customer satisfaction with feedback forms
  • Access to a wide array of rating options, customized looks and survey templates.
  • Use custom rating forms, link notifications to Smart rules and add tags to track surveys for specific tickets

Help your support team perform better by making feedback collection easy, with Nicereply on HappyFox.